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Many of the house cleaning posts will get moved or condensed elsewhere.

I’ve said this before, but if you want to keep those for any reason, do it now!


The writing project got done, the writing group did a preliminary review. And those changes got made.

I sent the book off to others, as necessary.

What else is going on? DH has nuked the kitchen. We had the world’s worst peninsula, 3′ x 10′, just WAY too big.

That’s gone. The old dish drawer is gone. The old washing machine is gone. The kitchen, the biggest room of this house is a complete disaster.

When everything is replaced we’ll have a working dishwasher again, a smaller island, more functional cabinets and more sane traffic flow from the kitchen to dining room and out. It will be wonderful!

But right now? Now it’s a mess disaster!

The fellow is scheduled to come and get the marble table Tuesday. I should put him off, but I really hate to, as it has taken me months to get where he could do it at all. I have a business meeting tomorrow, but aside from that, and the holy terror the kitchen is, I jut might be able to get to the table enough to do what needs doing. Maybe. Marble table was removed over the weekend.

I have a work thing to do before the meeting. Bought instant food for dinner, but it’s microwave food and the micro is NOT on the counter, because nothing is on the counter.

Sigh. We’ll figure it out!

Chore Status 8/15

Decided because it seems as I get things done I’m also adding more things to do, that I should repost this every Monday. Also, that I should remove from this list the things I’ve done, so that I start each week with just the still pending list. The old list is available, with the struck through text, on the last list!

Living Room:

  • Clean (wallboard): kitchen, interior stair.
  • Spackle: kitchen, interior stair, stair rail.
  • Primer (1st coat): kitchen wall, entry wall, interior stair, stair rail.
  • Primer (2nd coat) : kitchen wall, oak wall, front wall, wallboard walls, stair rail, between logs too.
  • Caulk: entire room trim to walls and floor, as needed.
  • Final Paint: entire room (street, oak, kitchen, bookcase wall, hall walls (closet, bath, pantry), stair wall, entry, stair interior wall, and stair rail.
  • Cull/clean: get fabric to Jeannie’s for reupholstery. Window replacement on north side.
  • (long term) Sand and redo floor.

In broad terms what remains in the living room prepainting effort:  the kitchen wall needs to be cleaned, spackled and primed. The interior stair wall needs to be spackled and primed.  These walls need to be primed: kitchen, interior stair, and entry.

AFTER I get everything primed at least once, then the spackling, between log painting, and caulking can be done. Then we sand, again. Then we primer, again. THEN we paint! I need to remember to order the paint!

Measure room and furniture. Make a floor plan so you move the furniture and books ONE more time, not more than that!

Hall: Replace smoke detector (future).

Kitchen: (Cull/clean) Get the 2nd Hoosier into the kitchen.  Dismantle the f’n 30 square foot counter and redo it to something saner!!! (long term) Pull the windows, put in the new wall and windows.

Laundry: (Cull/clean)  (longterm) Get the switch thing set up so you don’t have to pull the dryer out anymore!

Bathroom: (Cull/Clean) corners, window,  clear out.

Bedroom: (Cull/Clean) get couch downstairs. When reupholstered chair returns, put it here, not living room.

Attic: Get the 2 1 base cabinets in there (or elsewhere) and the cabinet from the storage. Get the bookcases from office 1 into the attic.[1 base cabinet used in kitchen 8/20]

Office 1: . Get the counter cleaned. Remove everything from the bookcases on the north wall and get the cases moved into the attic.  Bring in the new dressers?

Office 2: Clear off the blue desk. Sell/cull items waiting for that.

Dining Room:  Take down candlabra, sell. Paint china cabinet and relocate the 2 Hoosiers.

Storage: Get the table to the person who owns it. Remove the folding screen. Remove the 2nd Hoosier for the kitchen.Get at least 5 boxes out and deal with the stuff in them. Move to a smaller storage unit 10 x 20 instead of 10 x 30 which is what you have now.

Garden: Continue, finish and keep up the weeding, so that the weeds don’t take over the yard and next year’s vegetable garden is a disaster accordingly! [Worked on this 7/24-5]

Get the windows done. SR door panel 27.5 x 64,

Get the online and computer files cleaned out. (Drafts here = 51 as of 7/27, 50 as of 8/1, 48 8/9)

Systems, Mostly Long Term: Heating: order 3 cords of wood. Finish basement insulation. Order 2 more cords of wood. Roof: get back roof replaced. Water: get clips installed on both roofs. Get guttering/water barrel.Landscaping: Walls, fences, gates, plantings as needed.