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Dismantling Christmas

On the 27th, I took the tinsel and beaded icicles off the tree. I was curious what it would look like, and frankly it looked rather barren.

I have to both find the glass ones I bought years ago and make more beaded ones. Most of the ones I have were a gift from a family who crafted items for sale, including beaded icicles.

I’ve been beading since I was a small girl. When I’d visit them, if they were making icicles, I’d grab a needle and do some while I was there. They didn’t pay me, it wasn’t for that. It was just a friendly thing to do, fun, and it helped them. That Christmas my present was several boxes. Usually their gift was sweet breads and cookies. But that year there was a box chock full of the icicles. What I have could be the ones I made, or not. It doesn’t matter. I value them as a reminder of the friendship I had with Lois, Gini, and Char, all gone now, alas.

I started to take one of my beaded garlands off the stair hand rail (I had wrapped two around it). The monofilament I’d made it with years ago broke. Although I kept it from fountaining beads up and down the stairs, I have to restring the several yards of garland. I’m in the midst of  restringing it on stronger, new monofilament. There’s one other Christmas ornament, a fimo one, which needs to be glued back together.

Ninety-five percent 0f the Christmas stuff is packed. The moving box I’d wrapped is full and I started a second. (I’d packed smaller  boxes inside bigger ones.) The idea that I now have less than the small trunk’s worth of Christmas stuff was overly optimistic. Yes I broke some things. Yes, I sold some too. Yes, I gave some away. But, aside from the tree, there were pieces on the console table, in the kitchen, on the end tables, the front door and the hall. If it was just the ornaments I had on the tree, yes, I have less.

I broke 2 balls and gave away a box of balls, a bag of lights, a box of tinsel, the few hangers I had on ornaments. I sold/put out for sale 5 ornaments that had been in the attic, a small box of them, and a few others. I’d already sold 3 table top trees. Need to do more culling and the items which haven’t sold are going away, somewhere, somehow, but they aren’t coming home again.

I also have to make the box(es) up for next year. My intention is to make it like a big gift box, or find some, I doubt I can find them big enough though. What I’m thinking about is a box which has a deeper lid than file boxes usually do, something like this:


If I can get these, I can do what I want, have it look neat, and have storage the way I want it at the same time. We’ll see! I can buy them of course, it’s if the shipping cost is insane or not. I found a source locally! I can do what I had in mind. Cool!!!! I may (or may not) post images when I get it done.

Anyway, the tree is down, the ornaments are packed. The tree is outside ready to go to the dump, the table has been polished and the large ornamental piece which normally lives on it has been replaced.

The reason that I’m so focused on the decorative stuff is that we decided no gifts this year. Those we got were all consumables, and that is exactly what we wanted. No more stuff!

Although the two boxes and the tree stand haven’t been put away, Christmas has definitely been dismantled and the process was much tidier and more timely than in years past.

Going in the right direction!

If I can do things the way I want, I’ll get through enough other stuff this year so that I can get back to and cull/edit the Christmas stuff again, before next December. We’ll see!



Going Through Boxes and the Great Potato Search (ongoing)

Because of the storage move, I decided I needed to work in the attic too. For one thing, the table I want to use in the new booth is about ½ down the attic. At the moment there’s no way to extract it. For another, I’d like to store more of the misc. items  in the attic, and you can barely get in there, much less store anything! It isn’t full, it’s just messy. I started that job yesterday.

The first two boxes I pulled out had holiday junk: pumpkins, hearts, Christmas banners, etc. I separated the keeps, added the paper pumpkins to the “fall collection” items (I’ve been buying things discounted for resale in the fall). I’d already started boxing these. Added a box, made sure they had lids and were labeled The resale valentine pieces are staged for the antique store; they’re done.

The keeps included some brass hearts, 2 Christmas banners, and a glass pumpkin. All I have to do is clear the top of where the Christmas stuff is stored and I’ll be able to put that stuff away. The hearts were added to the other valentine’s items, in a misc. holidays box, currently in the living room, unfortunately.

The 3rd box was full of books, now cataloged and the books sorted: outs, keeps, online sales, antique shop sales, or wholesale. All sorted and boxed. No piles!

If sorting a stack of 4 boxes (top box = empty cooler) was always this quick & easy, I’d have gotten through more of them long ago!

This morning I’ve been searching online for organic potatoes, well, organic seed potatoes, NOT potato seed. Given our short season, whatever help I can get to speed things up is a plus. That means planting seed potatoes instead of potato seeds. Since I’m only growing organic this year, that makes this significantly harder. Few companies sell seed potatoes, fewer still sell organic ones.

Fortunately, years ago I filled out a Mother Earth News survey about where I got my seeds and garden supplies. Included in that survey was a LONG list of seed/plant companies. I copied and saved the list. Some have gone out of business, but it’s still a large list. I got A-H before I quit for lunch.

It’s pretty quick, as I’m eliminating all the Canadian companies (never found one that will ship to the U.S.) and anyone who doesn’t carry organic seed potatoes. Still it takes time going through each catalog.

More to do!

Christmas loot

wasn’t much, as we asked for consumables rather than “stuff.” Also, my sister now has the 2 bookcases and 2 chairs, and a few other things that are tallied below.


2 tables
2 chairs
1 ball of yarn
1 pkg monofiliament
1 sign
2 CD players +9

Bought nothing


1 game
dish towel
notepad -4

5 for me yesterday. We’ll see if I can keep this up?

old 8770 100% + 726
new 8775 100% + 731

I was BAD yesterday!

I went to a thrift shop, the bookstore, and the antique store. I got stuff for the booth, to donate, and the house (counted below), presents, decorations, etc.

I’m losing smaller pieces from my booth to theft. I’m going to remove everything that isn’t a book or furniture, though someone stole a solid brass hanging scale earlier this year, so that’s no guarantee either. If this keeps up, it will be furniture only and I’ll put all the small stuff in the locked case.




I’ve got a metal wire basket full of plastic sleeves (for books, postcards, etc.) When I filled it, there were two bags of sleeves that wouldn’t fit. The extra sleeves were split into packages for resale. What remains fits the space I have (the basket). it’s a SPACE BUDGET!


To dump (swap shop): 25 pc incomplete 3 x 5 card index +25
Shredded/recycled 13 mailers +13
Stolen 2 placemats, 10 pcs of ephemera (again) +12
Donated 2 receipt books +2
Used: 1 wooden crate, 4 candle glasses +5

Found new homes: 7 pairs of scissors, punches, etc, 2 plastic bins, 2 bowls, 10 misc. small dishes +19

Consolidation: space budgeted basket of plastic sleeves 12 pkgs of sleeves in 1 basket +12

Sold 4 books, 1 brass towel rack, a 3tier stand, a massage table, and a green nut dish +8


1 bag o’ stuff for the nieces’ Easter, 2 Christmas presents, 2 baskets, 6 plates, 1 roll adding machine tape, 30 Christmas decorations, 2 books

96 out – 44 in = 52 today


new 8530 100% +486