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One, I finally feel NOT sick, which is a real blessing after 2 months of being sick!

Two, it’s a not too hot, not too cold day out there. The bean trellis got planted yesterday, it rained so I didn’t have to water the seeds in. The greens I’d planted last week are starting to sprout. Although I won’t get any where near as many plants as I’d hoped, all my seed is at least 3 years old.

The plan this year is to use it ALL up, and start fresh next year. This is what happens when you don’t do a garden for 2 years….

The car is loaded with flea market items going to the storage. At the moment, I’m waiting on the chimney sweep guy, who’s supposed to be here in the next 1/2 hour. After he leaves, I’ll haul a load to the storage and a load back (there’s no room in the storage for a car full, so something has to come back too.)

But, it’s also DUMP DAY, so a load or three of leaves and books and asst. stuff will go to the dump today. And that, if nothing else, will create a small hole in the pending stuff waiting to be dealt with. Hurrah!

There are 3 rugs on the lawn waiting for DH’s help to shake them. The 2 smaller ones will come back in the house, the bigger one is slated for the flea market, and will go into the car.

It’s spring, I don’t feel wretched, and I’m finally getting things done I’d planned to do two months ago. Hurrah!


Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash


Wednesday’s Five

Because I’ve gotten so far behind, I was easy on myself today and mostly decided to do things I would likely have done anyway:

  1. Deal with the cardboard and other recycles (it’s dump day).
  2. Work on freezer foods for winter (also on the to do list – put foods away for winter)
  3. Deal with mail (it’s dump day).
  4. Deal with recycling (it’s dump day).
  5. Work on the wood piles (also on the to do list).

Hopefully, this doubling up will enable me to CATCH UP!

What I have outstanding from Monday – Tuesday:

  • Finish clearing the kitchen counters. The big counter is cleared and cleaned. Weds. 10 a.m.  I have yet to deal with the pile o’ stuff: jars, food, etc. which came off of it!
  • Update grain storage: review/cull, clean containers, etc. A tiny piece of this was done as part of clearing the kitchen counter. Weds. 10 a.m.
  • Prep for the Christmas ornaments I’m making.
  • Finish the cull/storage of food from last week’s farm trip. (Next one is TOMORROW!) Finished: onions and tomatoes. Undone: peppers and tomatillos.

The veggie cull/storage and counter clean up are linked. The excess veggies are on the big counter. I deal with the veggies? The counter will be mostly clear. The prep for making ornaments mostly is seeing if the pattern I want to use will fit the materials I have in mind. If so, I need to figure out if I need any other materials to finish the work and then start on them. The grain storage is just going through the canisters on the bottom, etc. where I hardly ever remember to go for food and see what we’ve got and how old it is. Ideally, that and the food cull will happen BEFORE I go to the dump.

Not on this list? Going to the antique store, because I didn’t yesterday due to my back.