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  • Email: I’m still deleting old emails, back to at least 2012 now. I’m down to 27,400 unread emails. Remember this? I had 28,000 unread emails then. Not remarkable progress, but actually, it is when you consider that of course I’m still getting daily emails  and I’m not doing the deletions except now and then. That’s 600 unread emails I’ve eliminated in about a month. Definite progress. ||Still working on this, but not as fast, with all the new ones I’m only down 30 this morning. 3/5/19 See next post for updated, corrected number! 3/6/19
  • There’s a hole in our kitchen where the old freezer was. I need to do a major clean up in the kitchen because the new-to-us freezer is supposed to be here Thursday. Next week! 3/6/19
  • I used up 2 packages of frozen food with last night’s dinner. Haven’t added it to the tracking, but I will. When we took everything out of the freezer to defrost it, I made a brief catalog. Now I should know EXACTLY what’s in the freezer. I’ll use the basic form I came up with to track our food usage and put the data in there. Then I’ll know what I’ve got, mostly. There’s still the fridge’s freezer;it hasn’t been tallied. . . .
  • I need to finish pulling together business data. That got set aside. My appointment is next week, so it definitely all needs to be done before that.
  • Part of making enough room on the porch for the old freezer: eliminating a trash bag o’ stuff, and 2 boxes of books were unpacked into the house.
  • There’s 1 full box for the bookstore in ME, there’s one of priced books to go to the booth, and 2 more flea market boxes. The check was sent off for the flea market. I gave a book to a friend.
  • The last check needs to go out this week for the farm food.
  • We need to find another cord of DRY wood.

That kitchen clean up effort is on-going. In the dump bin are the ms. for a book I’ll never finish, because the internet made it obsolete. In the shred folder are the W-2s for years before we were married? (Four decades or so ago.) Also the review from my first 6 months as a professional writer!


Yesterday’s Culls & Today’s Progress

The drawers from one of the kitchen cabinets we removed (the case will go Weds.) a small box of books and a box of tube and spring pans.

At one point, I had the crazy notion I would make a Christmas Tree display for cookie cutters from tube pans, with the spring pans as a base. I never did. I never use pans like that, so the entire box went to the dump’s swap shop! I hope someone who needs/wants such things finds them before they get recycled.

Today? Today I started setting up my organizer. I had bought a journal in December or early January for this, when I decided that I would never find another copy of my beloved 2018 organizer. I had been looking for something which I could convert into the format I liked. I found one, then kept forgetting to get it out of the car. I finally did that Sat. morning when I knew I was going to the storage and needed all the room in my car for other boxes coming home.


What’s NOT in the house!

(This is still my image, but much of this is gone. Or I hope so!)

Anyway, I dug the blank journal I’d bought out this morning. Made up the monthly sections. Figured out the calendar design. Did January and February, and need to do the rest. But it’s in process instead of in a box, definite progress!

I had DH bring home food from one of our fav. restaurants today when he was working remotely. Dinner prep. for me will be making veggies, and that’s it. Easy.

I have another batch of books to go through, of course. There’s about 5 paperback boxes in the car, that’s another 250 books or more.

A bookstore (bless them!) may have someone who can take 3 boxes off my hands this weekend. That would be wonderful!

We’ll see.

Slog, slog, slog, same ol’, same ‘ol. Slog-slog-slog.

I will finish this before I die; right?


Going Great Guns!

Saturday I cleaned that first bed, the Jerusalem artichokes & chive bed. Sunday I cleaned the second bed, grapes & oregano.

And today? Today I cleaned the shed, well most of it. It took me from not-quite 8 a.m. until 4:30! I am TIRED!

I tossed almost 100 books and the pile we’d nearly gotten all to the dump in the two trips on Saturday? It’s bigger than it was before we started. I have more to take to the dump on Weds. than I think I ever have before!

Found the missing bookshelves. Located the pieces of another bookcase, this one particle board. Because of where it is, it’s not getting dealt with til v 2 of the clean the shed.


Hmm. Yes. Our shed has platforms for plywood or other wood. Both are crammed full, This is sort of like a bunk bed for wood. The particle board book case pieces are on the bottom of the bottom tier. So, until I get everything off of it, the bookcase pieces aren’t going anywhere.

That will happen in Version 2.0.

After a solid 8 hours of hauling things out of the shed, cleaning, culling/sorting, hauling the trash over to the trash pile. (Repeat, repeat, and repeat again with more stuff.)  I was not up for standing on a ladder and dealing with sheets of plywood, slotwall, glass side lights, whatever.


I didn’t stop for lunch. I told DH he had 1 choice: he got to figure out dinner. I wasn’t cooking. Leftovers? Fine. Go out? Fine. Whatever. I am NOT cooking or doing dishes or cleaning anything else today, period.


This was definitely a REVEAL. I found stuff I didn’t know I had, or hadn’t seen since we moved here, like two water bottles from the company in FL we used to get bottled water from. I wasn’t counting and the shed isn’t large, but it SURE had a lot of stuff in it and has a LOT less now!


Been Working on the Living Room, some more

we need to paint it, next month. I’ve unpacked 4 boxes of books (about 200) in the past week. Many of them are gone, either to the antique booth or donated somewhere. (DH took 2 bags of books away today.)

We’ve had a frustrating and expensive couple of weeks: the CV joint went on one car, the other car has acceleration problems and a check engine light on. The furnace was repaired, worked, quit working, got repaired (3rd time) then quit working reliably, again.

Because of the above, we’re both grumpier with each other than we’ve been in a while, which of course doesn’t make anything go more smoothly.

I got the contract for the 4th anthology in the mail, we had one story for the previous book that might apply to this one.

I have a work backlog that is truly massive: research/writing, form designing for one job, helping mail 200 pcs for the 2nd, the memoir revisions are ongoing and we’re trying to CLEAR the living room so we  can paint it in April. The contracts need to be signed/returned for book 4. And I’m not sure if anything still needs doing for book 3, I hope not!

My goals this year are to

  1. Get the house clean.
  2. Get rid of the storage unit.
  3. Get the memoir edited and formatted for people to read on a computer.
  4. Start the marketing plan for the memoir.
  5. I’m sure there’s something else, I just can’t think of it right now!

I have been focusing on other things and i really need to hunker down and CONCENTRATE or I’ll never get this done!

None of this is hard, just time consuming!


Preventing the Mess?

We have confirmed that our bedroom is large enough to add the wall we’ve been thinking about.

I got a quote from a local lumberyard for materials for both  the living room bookcases as well as materials for the wall.

One persistent problem here is that I can’t put my books away. This means when I unpack a box, whether the books are mine or stock, I have no dedicated place(s) to put such things. The mod. we’re talking about will not only give us a place to put out of season clothes and a dedicated linen closet, but it will give us a wall for bookcases too. I’ll be able to put at least some of my books away, in a permanent home. Huzzah! That hasn’t happened, except with some craft books, for a long time.

There’s definitely fewer books and boxes here than previously. It used to be that a large chunk of the living room (> 1/2!) and a large part of the kitchen were taken up with boxes of books.

I’m doing things differently than I used to as well. Example: I went to a sale, bought 3 boxes of books. Pulled the few I wanted to keep/sell individually, then took the remaining books (still 3 boxes) to a colleague. He bought what he wanted. I made a small profit and donated the remaining books (2 boxes) — that afternoon. I think I kept 8 or 10? Previously, I would have kept at least 1/2 of them — not anymore!

We went to an auction last Sunday. I got the 3 pieces I wanted, (2 of which  are priced and up for sale already). We also got a large crate and a few other items. The crate is going to become the “out” box.

DH will make dividers for it. Things going to place A will go in one section, place B in another. The crate is heavy duty and lidded.  Items going away  can be sorted into it and the mess concealed — YEAH!

Now, things to “go away” become piles, by the front door and elsewhere. Hopefully, the crate will solve THAT problem and not be so inconvenient that I won’t use it. I’ve found much of the problem isn’t so much deciding to cull stuff as the fact that when I do, it just becomes a different mess. Hopefully, the crate will solve part of that problem.

The great wardrobe safari continues!

We’re looking for wardrobes/amoires. Found a wonderful one, but it would block almost all the light from the big window and block two corners of the room. Beautiful piece, reasonably priced for what it is, but way too big. Another, also really nice, is about 1/2 the price of the first, but still too pricey and too big. A few others, which probably would have fit the budget were just ugly. Another one or two were the right sort of size, too much money, or in lousy condition. We’re being fussy!

We’re entitled, it’s our house and money, right?

I ordered and received most of my seeds for this year’s veggie garden. Spring may eventually get here, although you can’t prove it right now — it’s snowing!

More Bedroom Progress

If I was using the old terms, I’d say I’d done four reveals in the past few days: the floor behind the couch, the windows behind it, the wrought iron bed table, and the partial closet clean. The bedroom certainly isn’t clean, but it’s sure a LOT cleaner! Also, used are 1 tube, 4 mirrors,1 nail, 4 wall mounts, 3 plumbing fixtures, 6 screws, 2 dowels, 4 wood pieces, 1 package of curtains. Culled were at least 2 bins of paper, call it 100 pieces, about 4 pieces of clothing, and around 12 books. That would be: 4+1+4+1+4+3+6+2+4+1+100+4+12=146 items used or purged in the past 2 days.

The wall is spackled and the mirrors are up. They still need to be painted, but that will happen in the spring or summer. Also, I figured out how to hang the valance over the new curtain rod.

The curtain rods are also home made btw. And I may, or may not paint them too — haven’t decided!

The next steps are the valance and the new bedspread and the continued purging and culling. I need a piece of hardware for the valance. I need to sew stuff for the bedspread to be done.

I took the paper patterns of the mirrors, made sure they were labelled  and then rolled them up and put them in a tube I already had. The tube was made to store a collectible baseball bat, which it has never been used for. I used it previously to store rolled artwork. Last year or the year before I got that art at least matted if not framed. Because I do crafts and DH does art we both have love visual arts, and we’ve got a fair amount of it.

One other thing I want to do is put up one or more gallery walls, so we can regularly display some of the collection. Most of what we have isn’t valuable, just pleasing to us. DH knows how to put together frames. He does most of the framing around here. This saves us a bunch of money!

Matting and mounting can be time consuming, finicky and frustrating. We have done our own, but a friend who runs a frame shop and has a BIG mat cutting machine does most of it.

There’s a poster that will go up on the wall, a picture that came down, so that’s a net of 0 new things used on that. I have 7 more books to go away, but that’s about all that’s really new right now. I’m pretty tired after the last 2 days!

I need to start putting books up for sale again, I’ve got stacks of them around and that’s what will have to happen to make them go away. I’ve got a package to wrap, something a friend is going to sell for us, it needs to go out tomorrow a.m.



Two days ago, I was gone.

Yesterday I was gone much of the day. Didn’t get much done!

Today we went to the dump. I got rid of

a vase, a magazine rack, coloring book, vacuum cleaner & its hose, 3 other things I don’t remember (I counted at the dump!) 3 records, 2 saucers, 6 screws. Also unpacked a box of stuff, some of it office supplies from the shop, which resulted in 2 office supply consolidations. 1+1+1+2+3+3+2+6+2 = 21

There are in the to “go out/sell pile”: 2 marmalade jars with lids, 2 brown glass canisters, a large food storage container. DH sold two pieces today to friends. None of that gets counted until it’s actually gone.

I’ve used a 2nd skein of yarn.  DH is going to use a wooden bowl we hadn’t sold. I’m going to use a large aluminum container we’ve had.  I gave a metal hook and package of tape away Friday. Took the latest batch of processed books (14)  to be donated Saturday — put them in the market bin. 1+1+1+2+14 = 19