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Many of the house cleaning posts will get moved or condensed elsewhere.

I’ve said this before, but if you want to keep those for any reason, do it now!



I have another wordpress site sevenlevelssite.wordpress.com which I started to talk about the housekeeping issues. Fine. I’ve been doing a survey of a book, How to Manage Without a Maid from 1942. I published the last piece of this today, have two different bloggers who’ve “liked” the post. Great!

My stats only show one person having seen it, in England.

How is that possible?

Like I said, I’m confused!


Blog Changes!~

I removed the counting data from 2017, it’s gone. Much of the other blog posts from here will probably be summarized, deleted, and perhaps copied — soon.


What I intend to do is summarize what I did, on the history page. The posts I intend to keep are those which are the concrete and most popular: cooking Madagascar pink rice, figuring out how many bookshelves you might need, ways to stay cool, the cookbook parade posts, etc.

What will be either cut/pasted into a new page or summarized in a long thread is the emotional stuff. OR, I’ll move it a new website. That hasn’t been determined yet. I have seven years’ of writing to go through.

The cleaning posts will probably be moved to the other blog I have here, which right now is almost entirely empty. It’s sevenlevelssite.wordpress.com. Right now it’s just a framework with very little in it.

So, the cleaning posts will move to 7 levels, the emotional posts will move to a new website, probably. What will stay here are pointers to both of those as well as the more practical and popular posts which have been here.

Comments? Questions? Objections? All are welcome. Not sure I’ll change my plans — but I’ll listen!!!

A Mild Rant

I’ve had the blahs. Usually by this time, I’ve made Christmas cards, designed the wrapping, bought gifts and am frantically wishing I had another month, had picked something easier to do, or at least less time consuming. . . .

But not this year. This year? I have done NONE of that. It feels like this is August or something. I mentioned this to my husband, so tonight I went to look at one of my inspiration blogs. I had 2 or 3 of these. One of them the woman instead of struggling to do what she was trying to do, well, she got there. I’m glad for her, but it got boring to read. The one I went to today? She’s a mother of 4 and a crafter, with a handy husband.

Nope, she’s redone her blog. It’s so commercial/slick now when I first found it I assumed it wasn’t her. I found it a second time and went looking. Not charming any more, just slick money maker.


Frankly put me off. This lady, in the past, had been someone who got my creative juices flowing. Her stuff was interesting, quirkily written, and I got inspired every single time. I doubt I’ll ever look at her blog again. She’s probably making loads more $, but. . . .

I need a HUMAN BEING!!! Not a slickly marketed product. I can find a product in anything I get these days, even movies. I do NOT need the people who I connect with, or want to, to become such good businesses that they stop connecting to their readers. And the reason that I put up with the pieces of her lifestyle which didn’t match mine (lots of kid pics, for example) was because it was charming: unassuming and fun. Now it’s competing with every commercial lifestyle blog/magazine out there. Bleh.

If I ever, ever do that will someone please come scream at me?

The internet is already people at arm’s length. When you find someone whose writing you like, whose issues are important enough to spend the time to read, you’d like them to at least keep the same style of writing. Or I do!

I’m really glad the lady turned farmer got to be successful at it, but she took the “exclamation points” out when she started teaching classes and it took off. The reason I read her blog was her, and then she became a sales brochure for the classes and her successful life-style farm, rather than the person I wanted to help and couldn’t read enough about.

The mom of 4 who made interesting clothes, did cheap but great decorating, had a husband who managed to build the things she really wanted on a shoestring, has become a lifestyle blog with a living room like almost everyone else’s, and as I said it’s now so “slick” I thought it wasn’t hers when I found it.

I have a conflict. I’d love to make money at this, but I love my anonymity too much to really pursue that. Beyond any other consideration, I want to remain human, not a marketing tool for google ads, or whatever.

I’ve sold advertising — and I was terrible at it. Worked for a great paper and a great magazine after that.  But at gut I never ever got to where I believed advertising works.

After 30 years in retail and decades of running ads with incredible deals for customers in them, my reaction is: no one reads them. They don’t read them in a paper, magazine, postcard, catalog or flyer. A 5% return is GREAT for a catalog, that is 5% of the people you send the catalog to buy something or respond.

I had a catalog I sent out. Had a freebie, if the customer sent something in. Had ONE person local to me do it. Got ONE order from a local customer who’d moved out of state. Two real responses. Aside from that I wasted a lot of time and money.

It isn’t that I hate advertising, people have to know a new shop opened, about a sale, whatever. But it never worked for my business.

There’s also something about always selling which gets in the way of relationship. If someone is selling to me I don’t trust a thing they say. If they’re a salesperson most of the time, they’re always selling or data mining. They may pay their bills, appear nice, etc. but everything they say is taken with a grain of salt. On the other hand, if someone is not selling something, but obsessed with money/value of stuff? I have the same reaction.

I’m about relationships — even on the internet. I don’t want to view email or blogs the same way I look at the mail. Almost every piece of mail we get is from a company we owe money to or they want us to buy something or do something which will give them some of our money. We get bills, fliers, and ads. Other people apparently really love our money.

The problem with the blog I went to today, now, is that she’s now anonymous. There’s the almost required sidebar: I’m Lala, mother of 32.3, I craft and do x, frugally, with <insert religion or quirky description here>. Gak! Do these people have a script? IS THERE A FINE IF YOU DO IT DIFFERENTLY???


Of the 3 or 4 blogs I used to read who weren’t professional writers, I have maybe 2 I’ll read now. These are people I’ve known for a long time.

The problem with writers’ blogs? Those people write, okay? They know how to do it to be entertaining.  I know/knew of a LOT of writers.

I avoid writers’ blogs because I could use up my entire day being entertained.

Fun, but not very functional.

So, I’ve lost another blog. Blah.

No inspiration, no creative juices flowing, no Christmas progress. If you know me IRL, you may (or may not!) get a Christmas card/present or acknowledgement from us at all at the end of this year.

This baffles me because it’s usually my favorite time of year: designing cards, tags, wrapping styles, decorations. I’m not — and I don’t know why?