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Negativity, alas.

I just downloaded a Better Homes & Garden “plan” to get your home storage organized, month by month. I have no idea if their plan will be useful or not; we’ll see.

The first month is working on your office storage. How appropriate. . .¬† I’ll continue with my efforts.

The idea seems to be to concentrate on a specific spot in your home one month at a time. I don’t see any reason why that won’t work, so unless I find a reason to do something else, I’ll try and follow their plan. [Usually plans and I don’t get along. I get irritated about someone else telling me what to do. Or maybe that’s just the excuse I’ve used to not follow this or that plan?]

The plan is a free download from BHG. You can find it here

Yesterday we were being tourists and bought stuff. More stuff than we got rid of. . .

I’m at a negative for the first time in almost a month. DARN IT!!!

OUT 4 bookends, 2 phones, 1 towel, 3 gift bags +9

IN 2 candles, 6 small decorative and/or useful pieces from an antique store, 5 things DH bought, 2 pop crates (no dividers, darn it!), 3 books  -18

Today: -9

old 8775 100% + 731

new 8766 100% + 722