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An Observation

One of the main categories of “stuff” here are long-term held things which have nowhere to be stowed when not in use!

To that end, I’ve been compiling lists of things which need “homes”: out of season bedding, garden equipment, etc.

One bugaboo is down comforters. It gets COLD here during a North East winter, and we have more than one. But during the warm months, they have nowhere to be put away. My last idea was to put them atop the wardrobe, which works fine, but looks terrible and doesn’t keep them clean. Putting them in plastic bags doesn’t work, because it’s impossible to keep them flat and tidy. Also, according to one source I found (a down comforter manufacturer) they should be stored in something breathable, not plastic anyway. Hmmmm.

So, an idea: why not make little “boxes” of fabric for them? If need be, the boxes could be enforced with buckram “boards” But if not, it would be a pretty easy thing to sew up and it would both 1) make them tidy and 2)keep them out of the dust, etc.

So this morning I designed a box for my down comforters to be stored in. I have old sheets I intend to make these with, probably at least enough for 2. I made a sketch of what I had in mind on a graphics program, printed it out, then cut it out and put in creases where I’d have seams. The first version was obviously wrong, I’d forgotten a side. Then I did a little tweaking and came up with what’s below.

This is a “sketch” and NOT cleaned up, so it isn’t perfect. The idea is to give me enough info that when I go to mark, cut, sew my fabric I’ll remember what I learned from my little paper boxes. But  this is NOT a pattern!

Do you do things like this? I’ll post updates as I make a pattern, mark, cut, sew and try and use these. We’ll see if my crazy idea works!

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