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Spring Cleaning

I am slowly, but surely going through the cabinets & drawers in the kitchen. So that I remember what I’ve done (and haven’t) as I’m doing this on an “as possible and I have time” basis, I’m putting labels inside each cabinet or drawer I clean with a note that I did it and the month/year.

I have no idea if this will work in terms of helping me keep things clean. I do something similar when I go through the dry stores and cull them. I put a label on the outside which is the contents and the date, but inside the lid I put a note which tells me when the canister was last cleaned. As some of my dry stores are kept for more than 1 year, it helps me to keep things clean. There’s so much stuff in this house and so many things to clean (shelves, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.) that this is the only way I’ve found which doesn’t lean on the PTSD and I manage to get some sort of ordered cleaning done. I’ve been doing this off and on for the past year. We’ll see if I can sustain it!

I updated the post I wrote in December (January?) about house decorative items. I’d forgotten that I’d had a goal to reduce the decorative locations from 4 to 3. I’ve done that.

The front door now has my “spring/summer” straw hat on it. It’s a straw hat with fake silk flowers around it as a band. Does two things: it’s nice and spring-like and it’s handy when I’m going out into the garden. I replace the hat on the door when I’m done. No clutter in the house. Nothing extra to store. Works fine.

This post was started a few weeks ago, and I’m still whacking away at the cabinets, counters, drawers, etc. in the kitchen and elsewhere. I defrosted the freezer last week, for example. On the agenda this week is the “great refrigerator move.”

When our big fridge died last year, we moved a small fridge atop a corner cabinet and put it next to the stove. The big fridge was moved off to the side of the room so that it was out of our way and easily accessible for service people. It’s still there. Both of them need to be cleaned and put back into their previous home.

Today I go and talk to someone about new retail space. My problem with the old retail space is that the only consistent way I had to make money was to sell furniture and I don’t sell enough of that to make my overhead more than about 1/2 the time, which is unacceptable. The new shop is brighter (the new location of the antique store is cave-like) and I think suits me better. We’ll see!

The new plan may mean using the Hoosiers as sales fixtures for a while, which would be fine, as it would get them out of here and not in the storage. After the 2 Hoosiers, I have a double dresser/mirror and a wrought iron/marble table to sell, both high-end pieces. If the Hoosier currently in the antique store isn’t going to the new space, then I’ll haul it to the storage today and to the auction house next Tuesday.



Cleaning, Well, Re-Cleaning

Over a week ago, I was being hyper-productive. Then I quit, and the idea was that Monday this week I would pick it up, again, and keep going.

I haven’t — not the way I intended.

The laundry room is a disaster. The dining room a cluttered mess and the kitchen storage area hasn’t been cleared. In all fairness, I have worked on it, but only to the “spread things out” stage, not the “cleaned” stage which is supposed to follow.

I know what part of this is: I’m overwhelmed. When we cleaned the laundry room, there were two large pillow cases full of “hand wash” to do. When we got to the dining room, there were boxes and boxes of things which had been displaced and needed somewhere to go.

We also went to an auction early this week and got “stuff,” some of which had to be cleaned, some of which had to be sorted into lots to keep, sell and toss. And the obvious and easy place all of that happened was the cleaned areas: the laundry and dining rooms. Some of the auction stuff has deliberately been kept out of the house, but not all of it.

The two rooms are a mess, again.

This makes my job today restoration, that is to return them to their previous state. In the process, I might create a new “landing pad” for the new sewing machine, although I should take it, this morning, to the sewing/vac store to get it oiled etc. I also have a return to do and some cleaning supplies to pick up. DH took the return and the sewing machine to the repair place; he also picked up the cleaning stuff. There were problems re the machine, so he brought it home. We’re going to fix the electrical problems ourselves (I used to do electronic assembly work and he’s competent with electronics too.) then we’ll take the machine back to be refurbished the rest of the way. The wiring on the thing is shot.

The biggest auction lot has almost paid for itself already, with one sale. (It was 8 boxes o’ stuff). Unexpected, in amongst the other items was a largish box of scissors: pinking shears, manicure scissors, buttonhole scissors, regular shears, etc. The absolute worst of those was added to the dump’s metal bin Weds. The usable, but we sure don’t need them, are ready to be offered for sale in the booth as a lot, and have been set aside, ready to go. The rest of it will end up in one of my utility boxes — small wooden crates, at one point they held accounting sheets for some business. I used them at the shop to hold digest-size magazines. I have tape, string, and glue utility crates, and now, scissors and monofillament. My big problem with the utility crates is that right now they have no “home,” and they need one. [I think I’ll find them one before I go off to do my errands.] Done! The scissors and monofilament now share a utility crate, and the crates have a home. 9:30 a.m.

Yesterday we shipped the first piece of the auction lot to the buyer. We also boxed an awkward and large gift for someone. We decided shipping was prohibitive in cost, and we’ll see the receipient sometime this summer anyway, so the box was put in a closet. Another gift for the same person was gift wrapped and put in the closet too. I’d been moving around the boxed piece for years; it’s no longer clutter — yeah!

I’m off to go get my 2nd cup of coffee and go about my day. Have a pleasant Friday all!