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More Stuff to Get Rid of

Worked on the attic some a few days ago. Pulled some paper out for the paper bin (wood stove fodder), some drawer units for the fridge, and cleared a space to get the now-empty trunk out of the attic and the other black one in. I didn’t accomplish that, but did work towards that goal. The idea is that I want to take the trunk coming out of the attic to the antique store some time very soon.

8:33 p.m.: The trunk which will be sold is out of the attic. Hurrah!

I should be able to do that, tomorrow I hope.

I am running out of things to sell. Well, I’m not, but I’ve gone thru the easy stuff that’s been “on top” mostly. The things have sold, been donated, put in the booth, or they’re still here/in storage. But I’ve gotten rid of so many things lately that the collection is greatly diminished.

It’s time to start digging into the assorted boxes o’ stuff. I grabbed a box of paperbacks ( I have no idea what’s in it) from the storage today when I went to fetch the fixtures and stuff to sell. Tonight, when it gets a bit cooler (it’s 80 degrees now) I’ll get into the attic to see what I can find to cull/take to the flea market tomorrow.

The one thing I know needs culling is china. I have “good” china and extras of my daily stuff. The daily stuff is dinerware, mix and match. The good stuff is German china which was my mother’s. I probably should send it to auction, it’s mid-century modern, high-end stuff, collectible, and I never use it. But. . . . I haven’t gotten there, yet. However, I know I have too much, so I need to cull the collection, no matter what, even if I don’t get rid of Mom’s china. There’s just too much of it.

Beyond that I’m not sure what’s in the attic any more. There’s  a lot of books, naturally, and some smaller furniture, but I’m not really sure after that.


And So It Goes. . .

I’ve worked in the attic again this morning. Pulled out the bundled window grids from who knows when? The original idea of course was that we keep them for future owners and/or replacing what we have. (I talked about the window grids and why I removed them (here).) They’re in a kindling bucket. Those windows need to be replaced and we haven’t used a one of these grids, ever. On the other hand, kindling is useful and they have no varnish or other protective goo on them.

We pulled some things out last night — the obvious trash. I’ve got things organized so I can get in the attic this afternoon and make more space for the next batch o’ cabinets. As we continue this, the attic will become more organized, and I guess the trash pile will continue to grow. Today is dump day, so the trash pile will be depleted this evening.

My car is full of pieces to go to the antique store, that’s my priority this morning. After the car is emptied and I return home, it will be time to go to the dump.

And so it goes, and goes and goes . . .