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The writing project got done, the writing group did a preliminary review. And those changes got made.

I sent the book off to others, as necessary.

What else is going on? DH has nuked the kitchen. We had the world’s worst peninsula, 3′ x 10′, just WAY too big.

That’s gone. The old dish drawer is gone. The old washing machine is gone. The kitchen, the biggest room of this house is a complete disaster.

When everything is replaced we’ll have a working dishwasher again, a smaller island, more functional cabinets and more sane traffic flow from the kitchen to dining room and out. It will be wonderful!

But right now? Now it’s a mess disaster!

The fellow is scheduled to come and get the marble table Tuesday. I should put him off, but I really hate to, as it has taken me months to get where he could do it at all. I have a business meeting tomorrow, but aside from that, and the holy terror the kitchen is, I jut might be able to get to the table enough to do what needs doing. Maybe. Marble table was removed over the weekend.

I have a work thing to do before the meeting. Bought instant food for dinner, but it’s microwave food and the micro is NOT on the counter, because nothing is on the counter.

Sigh. We’ll figure it out!

Been Working on the Living Room, some more

we need to paint it, next month. I’ve unpacked 4 boxes of books (about 200) in the past week. Many of them are gone, either to the antique booth or donated somewhere. (DH took 2 bags of books away today.)

We’ve had a frustrating and expensive couple of weeks: the CV joint went on one car, the other car has acceleration problems and a check engine light on. The furnace was repaired, worked, quit working, got repaired (3rd time) then quit working reliably, again.

Because of the above, we’re both grumpier with each other than we’ve been in a while, which of course doesn’t make anything go more smoothly.

I got the contract for the 4th anthology in the mail, we had one story for the previous book that might apply to this one.

I have a work backlog that is truly massive: research/writing, form designing for one job, helping mail 200 pcs for the 2nd, the memoir revisions are ongoing and we’re trying to CLEAR the living room so we  can paint it in April. The contracts need to be signed/returned for book 4. And I’m not sure if anything still needs doing for book 3, I hope not!

My goals this year are to

  1. Get the house clean.
  2. Get rid of the storage unit.
  3. Get the memoir edited and formatted for people to read on a computer.
  4. Start the marketing plan for the memoir.
  5. I’m sure there’s something else, I just can’t think of it right now!

I have been focusing on other things and i really need to hunker down and CONCENTRATE or I’ll never get this done!

None of this is hard, just time consuming!


More money saving, just in time to fix __________

To save money, spend less.  Do this by using cheaper substitutes, doing without, or getting an item cheaper. I wrote a previous blog that talked about these ideas.

Here’s what I’ve done lately to cut our expenses.

  • Diluted the laundry and dish soaps.
  • Stayed home.
  • Went through the house earmarking things to sell.
  • Transformed the drippings, onions & some meat from a roasted lemon chicken into lemon chicken soup with egg & rice.
  • I put aside the bones & skin from the picked chicken for the stock bag.
  • Bought 5 packages of cookies and 4 pieces of cake for .50 each at a bake sale and froze them. I can’t make baked goods for these prices, from scratch or a mix. Everybody wins: I get HM baked goods, the charity sells a lot of goods, likely donated, and I spent way less. (I ate 1 pkg of the cookies the other day, they were great.)
  • We’re using part of the stored wood stash on the new entry & walkway project.
  • I’ve been making more of our bread. (I need to make ALL of it!)
  • I harvested dill, lettuce, and raab seeds today. I’ll either use them to grow food indoors this winter or plant them out next spring.

What didn’t work? Our furnace needs to be serviced, sigh. Our bed broke last night. (DH fixed it.) The washing machine is still occasionally making loud THUMP noises, we’re not sure why? It feels as if everything is breaking, at once.

Our slide in, one-piece stove/oven we bought when we moved here. It was long ago enough that parts are no longer available. I want a stove top and wall ovens when we redo the kitchen. And, of course, being me, the stove top I want is an order-only item, and pricey, sigh. That’s a long-term “save for it” thing. Meanwhile, we might buy something else as a fill in piece. Not this month. God knows we can’t afford anything else this month!


The fridge saga, continues?

Jan & Feb were fraught with everything from small to pretty big pieces of bad luck. The latest is that instead of our fridge being fixed today, it isn’t. The company goofed and sent the parts to


DH called them and got no satisfaction, really. They verified that yes, they’d goofed and sent the parts to Alaska, and gee they were sorry they had no expected delivery date and wouldn’t have one until the part was on its way back. DH asked, “Can you call me tomorrow with an expected delivery date?” and that was agreed upon, or DH thought so, but no one called Tuesday.

The company where we bought the fridge in November has done something like this as well. When it became obvious that we were going to be without a fridge for a while. I asked for a loaner. Got someone at the sales place to agree that yes we should have one and they’d call us back to verify that we did. I had to call them and then find out I was on the delivery schedule, they never called me.

This gripes me because it’s bad business. It gripes me because both times we thought we had a partial fix for the problem and whoever was on the other end couldn’t be bothered. It gripes me because we went a long way out of our way to buy an American made machine from a local small chain. Because we wanted service and wanted to support our country and community.

Should have bought it from Amazon or a big box store from Samsung, wtf.

Sometimes it just doesn’t pay to be ethical or try to be a good guy.

Driving through the storm yesterday was NOT fun. The 5 hour trip took about 6 hours. DH is outside with the snow blower clearing off what looks like 3-4 inches and it’s been snowing lightly since I got up. Glad I don’t have to go anywhere!