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Spring Cleaning

I am slowly, but surely going through the cabinets & drawers in the kitchen. So that I remember what I’ve done (and haven’t) as I’m doing this on an “as possible and I have time” basis, I’m putting labels inside each cabinet or drawer I clean with a note that I did it and the month/year.

I have no idea if this will work in terms of helping me keep things clean. I do something similar when I go through the dry stores and cull them. I put a label on the outside which is the contents and the date, but inside the lid I put a note which tells me when the canister was last cleaned. As some of my dry stores are kept for more than 1 year, it helps me to keep things clean. There’s so much stuff in this house and so many things to clean (shelves, cabinets, drawers, closets, etc.) that this is the only way I’ve found which doesn’t lean on the PTSD and I manage to get some sort of ordered cleaning done. I’ve been doing this off and on for the past year. We’ll see if I can sustain it!

I updated the post I wrote in December (January?) about house decorative items. I’d forgotten that I’d had a goal to reduce the decorative locations from 4 to 3. I’ve done that.

The front door now has my “spring/summer” straw hat on it. It’s a straw hat with fake silk flowers around it as a band. Does two things: it’s nice and spring-like and it’s handy when I’m going out into the garden. I replace the hat on the door when I’m done. No clutter in the house. Nothing extra to store. Works fine.

This post was started a few weeks ago, and I’m still whacking away at the cabinets, counters, drawers, etc. in the kitchen and elsewhere. I defrosted the freezer last week, for example. On the agenda this week is the “great refrigerator move.”

When our big fridge died last year, we moved a small fridge atop a corner cabinet and put it next to the stove. The big fridge was moved off to the side of the room so that it was out of our way and easily accessible for service people. It’s still there. Both of them need to be cleaned and put back into their previous home.

Today I go and talk to someone about new retail space. My problem with the old retail space is that the only consistent way I had to make money was to sell furniture and I don’t sell enough of that to make my overhead more than about 1/2 the time, which is unacceptable. The new shop is brighter (the new location of the antique store is cave-like) and I think suits me better. We’ll see!

The new plan may mean using the Hoosiers as sales fixtures for a while, which would be fine, as it would get them out of here and not in the storage. After the 2 Hoosiers, I have a double dresser/mirror and a wrought iron/marble table to sell, both high-end pieces. If the Hoosier currently in the antique store isn’t going to the new space, then I’ll haul it to the storage today and to the auction house next Tuesday.


My Car is Full

of things to go to the flea market this week which were in the house. Tomorrow they’ll be put into the storage, until Friday, so I can make a dump run tomorrow too.

I don’t know quite how big my car is, but it’s a station wagon, so it’s not tiny! The car is pretty full. Also, I should have more selling space this coming month, which will help too. I can put some of the flea market things in the bigger selling space, before giving up on them and hauling them to the flea market or donating them.

Goals? One goal is to clear the boxes out of the corner of the kitchen. Another is to do the same in our bedroom. The same out of the attic. If I manage that, then I should be able to CLOSE the storage, because those spaces combined probably are about 200 square feet, but the storage is actually 20 x 10 x 9, so it’s 1800 cubic feet and I don’t know really if I have that much space available. However, for the first time, I have a way (weekly) to get rid of things, in bulk.

full car

I have obviously gotten rid of things consistently before, over a long period of time. But I haven’t had a weekly purge process, except going to the dump and/or just counting things. Things at the booth are staying 2 months. Then they’re hauled to the flea market, twice. Then they’re donated.

I guess what’s different is that I know I can’t just move the things around any more. I have to do a major purge in the next few months, or I won’t make my goal before it snows.

I don’t know if I can make my goal? But I’m going to try!


Old, but New

We bought a bookcase last weekend. Someone had taken an old industrial retail shelf unit (like I love and already had one of) and spray painted it silver, alas. However, it’s twice the size of the one I already owned. So, yesterday I moved/culled things around in the living room.

This required moving what was in that space (an old paperback case we’d had for the shop, the wood box, the containers of kindling and fire starting materials).

I hauled it all outside, including the fire wood and cleaned it. Culled out 1 bookcase, 1 enamel stew pot & lid, 2 wooden crates. All are going to the antique store today. The crates are the thing I regret the most, but I have no place to use them and they’re in the way, so out they go. They aren’t as interesting as the last batch of crates I bought as bookshelves (from a bookseller to a science department at Harvard) or the last lidded wooden box (marked for the American consulate, somewhere) as they have no labels or other markiings. They will almost certainly sell. Storage furniture/items are good — but money ain’t bad either!

Along this line, we’ve managed to come up with 2+ boxes of stuff to haul out of here to the sale this week too.

The fourth rug is almost finished, so that will be out of my queue too.

The memoir creaks along.

Got the first piece of our CSA share last week: almost 2 lbs of spinach. Tonight’s dinner will be the cold spinach soup I make. Here:

Lettuce Soup v 2

The last blog post for the CSA is one where the wife of the couple talks about how they plan to give their shareholders enough, or more than enough food, and people say it’s too much. We’ll see! If it’s truly too much, my neighbors or the compost heap will benefit. If not, then it will get used.

I didn’t go to an auction yesterday. The only thing I really wanted they had was wire shelving — which I want for the old laundry room/new pantry. Until we move things around, I have no place to put such a thing. My new rule is that I’m not buying stuff or keeping it, including shelving, storage, etc. unless I have a place to put it to use it RIGHT NOW. So the crates go out, the wire shelves were bought by someone else, and that’s it.

I may regret it later, but meanwhile, we have to get rid of the abundance o’ stuff that’s already here, so we can use the house as a home, not a storage depot!

Because of the culling/cleaning yesterday, I opened the surface cleaning files for the first time in months. I rearranged the table I was working on so that it makes more sense. If/when I get it to where it isn’t full of holes & typos, I’ll probably post it.

Do you use a list of seasonal cleaning jobs? What do you use? Where did you get it?



New & Different

I left here with a mission the other day:  to get rid of stuff!

I took books to the bookstore to sell, sold 2. Went to another bookstore, traded 2 and bought 2. Went to the market & put 6 books in the donation bin. If you’re keeping up that’s 8 out. Then I went to one of the antique booths and left 3 for sale. Sold a rattan case. Also swapped out a display at one store and slightly rearranged things in the other. More to do, more to do!

The following few days, everywhere I went, all of my favorite church shops, etc. were having sales. I bought a LOT of stuff, but put it in the booths ASAP. I don’t think I bought anything for the house at all except maybe shirts for the rugs.

Since then, I’ve sold another book to the bookstore, a book case, a vase, donated about 25 books, cataloged another box to go on the spinner, etc. It’s Labor Day weekend, and I wanted to be moving my bedroom around/painting it now, not just the same old, same old, sigh.

The 2nd household rug has now been designated for the laundry room, needs to be the biggest rug I’ve made. That’s being worked on.

I have a plan for the cleanup/prep of the memoir file so that I can deliver it in TWO WEEKS

Have emails out to the other paritcipants about a promotional event maybe for the current product.

Have started clearing out the corner of the kitchen so I can use the big kitchen table for the rug, but also, it’s the next large piece slated to be sold.

We’re waiting on the schedule for the roof, there’s been a glitch for the contractor.

I’ve got an entire egg box of books that I’m processing today to go out to the shop where I’m selling paperbacks, got maybe 12 left to do for that effort. They’ll go out, I’ll put an ad in craigslist and if they don’t sell, next week they get donated. I don’t have time to keep things around anymore!

Same song, slightly different dance —

Progress Report?

Still way too much stuff, but the house is cleaner, so that’s progress!

The vegetable garden is putting food on the table, daily, also progress.

The refi effort has changed a bit, but is still going, more progress.

Things are selling at one antique store. I’ve probably found a space to put a paperback spinner and sell books (something I’ve been trying to find for some time). Again, progress.

This is all true, but I FEEL mired, stuck in place, like I’m spinning my wheels. I guess it’s that I’m still whacking away at the same basic stuff in the same places. The attic, laundry room, kitchen, bath, landing, bedroom are all cleaner and tidier. But nothing is finished.

I want to unfold the rug in the kitchen [done 2016], I want move the furniture, clean the rug, and paint our bedroom. I need to get out of the old storage. And I want to finish tidying the attic. So, yeah, there’s progress in every room of the house, there’s less stuff, it’s cleaner and tidier.

The kitchen or attic are the closest to being done. The attic you can’t see, so I should work on the kitchen. If When I get the kitchen clean enough, we can bring in the 2nd cabinet, currently in the new storage. That will free up that space, and we can fill the space with boxes, etc. from the old storage.

Writing blogs is not something I ever thought I’d do? But I will say that frequently writing this has shown me what the next step should be, as it did just now. And I’d say that’s also progress, I’m using the tools I’ve got to accomplish my goals, and allowing myself to learn new things along the way. If that isn’t progress, what is it?

I’m off!

The Great Shuffle

Yesterday, I worked in the attic. I realized that if we used the attic space more efficiently that the extra furniture might fit? I’ve been really frustrated about several, long-term and apparently unsolvable issues. I decided to find something ELSE to do, quickly and do it!

I moved the 7′ (yes, I know I almost always have either too many of something or get something that’s HUGE) peg rack from the attic’s back wall to the laundry room. [Sold 2016.]Took down the small peg racks that had been on that wall. Moved the bookcase boxes that had been sticking into the room against the back wall and reshelved the books.

I have the table that’a currently against the wall (something from my childhood home), a bench DH built, two other tables and I bought 2 more not long ago for the attic. They’re to create storage benches, with trunks or boxes on them and under them perpendicular to the side walls,  with bookcase boxes lining the walls, or at least that’s the current plan. It isn’t what I’d want if I could order the universe, I’d have built-ins, drawers & shelves, but buying a rectangular coffee table or bench is cheaper than having built-ins made! And, I already own the benches & coffee tables.

I have a lot of furniture to move, determine its final disposition, etc. in addition to all the books. I know what to do with the books at this point. The furniture I don’t necessarily

Pieces to be moved, sold, donated or used:

2 cabinets                                                                                                                                   1 dining room table
4 dressers: 2 identical (small), 1 double wide, 1 small [given to a family member 2016] it matches the double wide
1 couch
1 folding table
1 stacking bookcase
1 desk

Currently in the kitchen: 1 cabinet, the dining room table                                Currently in bedroom: doublewide dresser                                                      Currently in my office: the other small dresser                                                Currently in the hall: 1 desk   moved to the storage
Currently not in the house: the 2 identical dressers, 1 cabinet, stacking bookcase, folding table. moved within the booth and priced for sale and sold [date?]

The stacking bookcase and folding table are to be sold. In fact the folding table is in the booth being used and just needs to be taken down and priced. Then the stacking bookcase can be put in the booth. Moving these two pieces seems like an obvious first step, as they’re already out of the house.

The most obnoxious problem in the house is the dresser in my office [finally gone 2016] and the desk in the hall [gone some time ago, 2016]. I can’t move either alone. There’s no room to move them or the stuff currently stored in them.

I guess the next step there is for me to clean my office enough that I can find a homes for what’s stored in those pieces and we work on that. If it isn’t raining, that’s what we’ll do. In any case, I can clean the office. The pieces in the dresser, except the broken antique plaster, can be boxed. The plaster needs to be restored and I need to find out where to go for that from the MFA or some such.

Then I can worry about the other stuff!

I bought the stuff and I’m confused!

I keep getting different counts of how many items I bought, which means that the price per item keeps changing. I get the batch to balance, so that the paid out amount is what I actually paid, but the rest of it is off, sigh. I need to do this, again for the 3rd 4th time!

I got a great wrought iron table base. It’s priced and out for sale at one of the booths. I got a wire hat/wig stand. I’ve wanted one for years and here it is! I got 2 pieces of enamel ware: a brown/white canner or stew pot with lid (priced and out for sale) and a green and white refrigerator dish with lid (needs to be cleaned).

What’s out for sale is the canner, a small barn pully, a Pyrex casserole, a Westinghouse fridge. storage container, 2 metal scoops, & 16 pieces of mid-century modern china.

What came home with me, either because it needs to be cleaned/reconditioned or because I’m keeping it: the wire hat stand, a triangular mechanics’ creeper, 2 paper parasols, 2 book ends, 2 bird houses, 4 craft books, 1 cast iron muffin pan, 1 3-loaf baugette pan, and the enamel refrigerator pan I talked about above.

I bought 2 books and 2 dishes at the thrift shop. Sold 1 book. The other book, I thought was about quantity cooking techniques, from the title. It is, but it’s like at a high school level and is an introductory text for food service. As I worked food service almost all the way through college, this isn’t something I need. It’s in the dump bin.

Put out from the house collection: 1 green/yellow vase.

Pulled from booth: 1 painter’s wooden satchel, slated to go to the dump, maybe?

Somewhere in here I forgot how to count– or something? I was mighty confused yesterday! I’ll figure it out today, but honestly, you wouldn’t think it was that hard . . . .


I finally figured it out! I had a duplicate record. I got an iron hat stand, and an iron table base and a hat pin holder (at least I think that’s what it is?) I had made a 2nd record for the hat stand and hadn’t realized it! So now the count is the same, the money balances like it should — FINALLY!!!

There is a reason I hate accounting. NOTHING balances the first time, or hardly ever. I hate doing the same thing over and over until you find the one, dumb error you made and it finally works. It’s abusive: over & over again and you can’t make it work, until you feel like a dummy and then finally fix it. That’s fun? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU LIVING ON???

I’d rather take an entire disorganized library off the shelves and alphabetize them, or sort 1,000 cards into alphabetical order or route wires in 3,000 circuit boards than try and make more than about 8 numbers add up the same way consistently. We all have skills. I can add, subtract, etc. but somehow it never seems to work the same way more than once. Almost any number crunching has problems!