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The Human Brain is a Wonder – Full Thing

I was looking for data on storing pantry veggies: garlic, onions, potatoes, etc. I read this:

Place a damp paper towel in any produce bags if you need to add a little extra humidity. 

But my brain translated it as this:

Place a damp paper towel in any produce bags if you need to add a little extra humility

Which of course, confused me. Say what??? Then I laughed, and you can too.

Today’s/Tomorrow’s Food & Why It’s That Way

I hung around today so I could help DH outside at lunchtime. We did what needed doing. Just as we were getting done, I got stung by something I couldn’t even see… I took a Benadryl, because these days I’m allergic to insect bites. For a while it was scary there, my throat feeling swollen and all, but then it all got better. (Thank you Benadryl!) I was exhausted then and slept until dinner time.

The planned menu was Italian Potato Cheese Casserole (from Vegetarian Epicure vol 2) which uses both potatoes and tomatoes. I needed eggs for the topping and I still don’t have any.

We had BLTs and the end of the peach cobbler instead.

Italian Potato Cheese Casserole will be Tuesday’s dinner. I have a pot of tomatoes cut up and on the stove (not cooking) to be turned into another batch of marianara, also tomorrow. And the list of things I’m supposed to do tomorrow just keeps growing!

Fortunately, I can start the marinara in the morning and put it on simmer and with some instructions to DH it should be fine. I can also do the shopping. prep the casserole when I get home and then do the day job work I have to do while the casserole is cooking.

But tomorrow is going to be insane!

I’ll post the casserole recipe, sometime, not tomorrow!