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Friday’s 5 and Backlog. . . .

Friday’s Five:

  1. Examine winter coats for flaws, etc.
  2. Clear off the dining room table again. In process.
  3. Do the last gather of flea market materials, last market is a week from tomorrow.
  4. Work on the household journal.
  5. Strip the bed and replace the down comforter under the sheets so that it can be washed sometime this week. Done Friday, forgot to note it at the time! The comforter which was pulled off still needs to be cleaned and then replaced.

Thurday’s Backlog

  • Put ice scrapers in the cars, examine and see if they need replacement?
  • Ship the box to the BIL, make up more boxes of things which should be shipped and get them sent!

Wednesday’s Backlog

  • Organize/Cull the cleaning products

Tuesday’s Backlog:

  • Get lumber stored correctly for winter, where storage is available. Sat. noon
  • Clean the quarry tile in the sunroom. Sun., forgot to note the time!

Monday’s Backlog:

  • Clear stuff from my car and run a vac through at least part of it!
  • Work on the fabric storage again: cull and neaten.
  • Move the paint as DH and I discussed.
  • Clean out the underdeck storage. Sun. 6 p.m.




Holding Pattern

I looked around this morning, trying to figure out what to do, cull or clean? I realized that many of the larger pieces of clutter are in a holding pattern: a bench, a typing table, the paper shredder, TV trays, etc.

These were displaced by some piece of work (cleaning, culling, redecorating, construction) and now have nowhere to go — and so they became bigger pieces of clutter.

It’s all well and good to cull some area, but if you have nowhere to put the culled pieces, it just moves the clutter, instead of eliminating it.

My plan is to get into the attic and see if I have room to store any of these. I also need to move the trunk which has needed to go into the attic for some time.

Yesterday I bought 4 things: a sweatshirt, a basket, a sifter, and a glass container. The sweatshirt is for DH, if he’ll use it, otherwise it’s for resale, it’s a name brand and in really good shape, but an XXL! The sifter and basket were bought for resale, the glass container I think I have a use for, if not, it will be put up for sale. I also stopped at the book bin and 5 of the books which were culled from the booth last week got donated.

This morning I pulled out the smallest of the nesting wrought iron tables in the hall. With a rug underneath it and a similar one in the hall, it makes a fine shoe rest. I really need a boot tray, but I’m unsure if they make them the right size.  With placing another of these small Ikea rugs in the entry, they’re all being used. (I’d gotten them for the stairs and needed 1-2 more . . . .)

The small wrought iron table (from the hall) joins the bench, etc. which need to be put into the attic. Obviously, that should be my next job.

I made soup for lunch and started a batch of stock, but the water burned out of the stock pan unnoticed, and at the moment the house reeks of burnt food, sigh. It isn’t frugal to throw food away, but that’s exactly what will happen to this black, charred mess. Expensive trash!

I’m off.


Wrought iron table, Danish bench, 2 TV tables, some of the extra fridge bins all into the attic!

I Do This — Do You?

I buy used durable goods, like blankets.  We have quite a few blankets, almost none of which were bought new. A few were, one’s an heirloom, but more were bought used, especially the wool ones. I love wool blankets, and even used they’re rarely cheap!

So, buying a blanket with moth holes, or missing its binding, is not new for me. I’d rather pile them on the bed and just enjoy the warmth, rather than be bent out of shape because I can’t find the perfect piece.

I was thinking about this because I’d just looked at a few sites pushing the idea of buying something only once. That by buying quality items, then the inevitable replacement isn’t necessary. I like the idea, and as I was going through the blankets today I was thinking about it:

  • Two of the blankets I bought new in 1984. They were replacements of two blankets I’d bought the year before and had taken to the dry cleaners, which burned down before I got them. So, I got another pair. The plastic carrier for one of them has split and was put into the trash today. I can store both of them in the other carrier when I put them away next spring.
  • Two LL Bean Polartec blankets we bought shortly after we got here. They’re over 20 years old. The used-to-be-feral kitty loves Polartec, all happy claw kneading and deafening purrs, so whichever one we aren’t using is her current bed.
  • We have a hand-quilted matelese piece which is literally falling apart. This is one of those supremely comfortable pieces you fight the guy to get rid of. We got it at auction about 10 years ago.
  • We have another hand-quilted blanket which DH’s grandmother made. (She made enough quilts for all the grandchildren.) It’s starting to wear, but we’ve had it 30+ years now.
  • There are 3 wool blankets, (white, pink, green) with moth holes. I got these at a church sale on the seacoast 6 years ago. I intend to actually felt these this year, somehow that just hasn’t gotten done.
  • Finally, there’s a plaid wool blanket I got last year from an antique store. It’s nearly the same colors as the 3 wool blankets from the church sale. I felted it right after I got it. Works fine.

The first blankets weren’t cheap, but we’ve had them 30 years, so how much is that? I don’t remember how much the Polartec blankets were, but they’re weren’t cheap either. The others were all cheaper and bought second hand.

Buying used stuff makes it harder to get matchy-matchy if that’s what you want (not my thing).

I have 4 duvet covers, which is quite a lot for just one bed, ‘eh?

We bought one this year and it wasn’t cheap, but we’ve been looking at buying linen sheets. We want to stop buying sheets for at least 5 years. [Buying used sheets is a crapshoot. You get something wonderful which lasts every now and then, or you get a sheet you put your feet through the second time you use it.]

Sheets are insanely expensive for what they are. Okay. If I’m going to have to spend premium money, I want premium goods which won’t need to be replaced in two years! So, we got a duvet with linen content, as a test. Without a quilt in it, we used it as a top sheet this summer to see if we hated the feel of the fabric (No.) We plan to use it as a regular duvet cover this winter.

Two of the duvet covers are home made (not by me) from sheets. I got these used, somewhere, don’t know when. I don’t use them as duvet covers, but heavy pieces of cloth over veggies in the car on the way back from the farm, to haul laundry, etc.

The last duvet cover is a fancy Umbra one we got at BB& B, on last markdown, about 9 years ago. It’s spring green and I break it out mid-winter when I’m completely sick of white, mud brown, black, gray, drab and other grim wintery colors. Combating those winter blues!

So I buy a few premium new pieces and keep them for decades, or buy good used things — and keep them for decades. I’d love to have the $ to just go out and buy premium stuff if I wanted to, but I’d miss the hunt and satisfaction I get from knowing I’ve paid little for something which will help me be a happy non-consumer.

One reason I went through the linen collection this week was to determine WHEN I need to start worrying about buying sheets? When we do, I’ll go looking for linen content, but in the meantime, what we have should last another year or more. The same is true of duvet covers and blankets.

We have one bedspread. I will probably sell it. The duvet covers work just fine.


Thurs. 9/28 list: 5 plus the one I still haven’t done!

  1. Clear off my desk.Worked on this, not done. Friday 9:15 a.m.
  2. Put away loose insulation or other building materials. DH did this Sat. morning. 
  3. Add the romances I’ve decided to keep to their bookcase, or, if there’s now too many, do a SPACE BUDGET.No space budget req’d Friday 6:20
  4. Tidy up the shipping supplies. Add any needed items to shopping list or cull extras. Friday 6:30 p.m. (I had done the tape earlier in the day!)
  5. Go through the overflow dishes, do a SPACE BUDGET, if required.
  6. Add to the kindling boxes (the undone piece)! Done Saturday 4:50p.m. Needs to be done again, at least twice, but I finally got into the corner and got the empty bin out and 1/2 filled it — finally!

This is all complicated by the fact that this is farm/market day. I go to the farm and get food, stop at a market on the way home. Ideally, I should go to the co-op in the morning, then to the farm, then the supermarket. However, I rarely manage that!

I have things to put in my booth today too, so that’s another stop.

The five list will likely NOT be done before this evening, and the outdoor items (insulation/building supplies & kindling) may not be done today at all. That’s dependent on when I get home and how tired I am when I do.

Weds. 9/27 Five new, and the same carry over

  1. Wood stacking (also on to do list).
  2. Clean small tables in living room.10:55
  3. Organize/cull dehydrated foods. 1:30
  4. Organize/cull refrigerator/freezer fronts.11:15
  5. Cull/clean baskets of onions and potatoes.11:30
  6. Desmudge walls.10:30

And of course there’s the day to day: laundry, dishes, making the bed, etc.


Tues. 9/26 Five, with one left over

  1. Work on the wood piles (also on to do list).
  2. Change the sheets. Examine the flannel sheets to see if any need to be purchased! 9:50 a.m.
  3. Put out the grass seed on the north side and cover with landscape cloth, as planned.1st piece graded, composted, watered, and cloth put down. 4:50 p.m.
  4. Reorganize the linen closet.10 a.m. also culled the sheets, top/bottom and pillow cases. Yay — less clutter!
  5. Inventory vinegars: do we have enough cleaning vinegar and other types? Any which need to be discarded? (Unlikely.) 2:30 p.m.
  6. Work on the Christmas ornaments again, now that I have pins! (Couldn’t find mine last week.) 1:30 p.m.

Also: did a partial cleaning of the bath yesterday, that should be finished today.

Tomorrow is dump day, so any prep for doing a major cull or starting one will be to my benefit tomorrow!

The sheet cull generated a pile of too small sheets to be sold, turned into rags or sewn together so that they’re big enough. What will happen to them will be determined by their fabric content and “hand.” 11:15 a.m.

Monday’s Six, no Seven

I have one item outstanding from last week (#1), and today’s six:

  1. Work on the wood piles, also on the to do list.
  2. Straighten/tidy the wardrobe, no attic. Changed because of back up items waiting to go into the attic. 9:15 a.m.
  3. Do more work to catch up on my filing.6:30 p.m.
  4. Tidy and cull craft equipment.3:20 p.m.
  5. Desmudge the phones. 7:30 a.m.
  6. Straighten 2 dresser drawers. 8:30 a.m.
  7. Go through the vegetable bin, clean and cull. 2:30 p.m.

I also owe a friend who I’m writing an article with a draft or a piece of the article, so I’ll be busy today!

Partly because of the veggie bin clean out/cull effort, I went looking for food waste info. I found this link, which was new to me and thought it might interest you too!


What else I’ve done today?

Swept the steps, and from the entry to the hall. Vac’d the landing and office. Cleaned the bathroom, done the dishes, two loads of laundry, packed items to be sold into my car, organized the things pulled from the dresser which need to be sorted through.

Just lounging around all day ‘eh?