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What I’ve Been Doing

We’ve been working on the bedroom rehab extensively. So my cooking has gotten very basic and it’s hot, so a lot less cooking is happening here than previously!

I updated the links list with the links from May, 2020 this morning. There are 1-2 recipes, like the corn casserole I used with chilis, that seem to no longer exist online. I’ll post the recipes here as I can. It won’t be immediately.

The antique store re-opens today.

DH made biscuits for breakfast (we’re out of bread) and crackers from the leftover dough.

Food Waste Hint (Flour): We do something I’ve never seen talked about elsewhere. When making bread or biscuits or… if it’s dry, we freeze the flour dregs from the kneading/cutting board in a margarine cup or ziplock. We use these “flour dregs” to thicken soups or gravy. Why toss it?

I have the weekly food list to edit and post too. Sorry I haven’t been doing more daily posts,  we’re just swamped!


Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

The plan today is to run my errands and then figure out menus for the week. I”ll do a post about what I’m doing, where I got the idea, etc. later!

New Living Room

The plan for this week is to finish the revamping of the living room. For one thing, someone is coming to work on the house next week and I’d like it done before that. For another, it seems like I can work on this without issues.

Part of this will require work in the kitchen/dining room too. There’s a new dresser (well, new to us) going in the living room. The table that is sitting where that’s supposed to go has to be emptied and moved. The only sane place to move it is the kitchen. There’s currently no room in the kitchen, sooooo…. you do the math, right?

That means this morning, although it seems contrary, what I will do is work on the kitchen/dining area to get the living room finished!

Move the empty hole around some more, and make it bigger I hope!

(No image this time, sorry. Went to find one, couldn’t find one with books that worked. The only thing close is tagged as a living room, but looks like a retail counter to me! I don’t live in a retail store anymore, or I’m trying mightily NOT to!)