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I Have Been Cooking!

Just today I have made: stewed tomatoes, marinara, and peach cobbler. Friday night we had fresh tomato sauce and pasta. Last night, Saturday, we had Chicken Pot Roast (chicken and stew veggies roasted like a pot roast) and peach crisp.

Apparently, a crisp is topped with oatmeal. Slumps, grunts, and cobblers have a biscuit-type crust. I didn’t know that before and a neighbor gave us peaches…

The recipe I used for the crisp is here:

We had the end of the crisp for breakfast. No Sunday Morning Pancakes — we’re out of eggs.


No more links in my writing (My preferred method: it’s much less disruptive!) until I can find where they hid the command in the new Word Press.

Honestly! If I was going to embed a video, now I know where that command is. I know where the command can be found to link these to another website, a youtube channel, etc., if I had one. I don’t. I just research things I want to use, static webpages mostly.

This is also the delay on the links list. Everytime I try and work in WordPress these days I get mad. They took software which just worked and fawcied it up so much that it’s nearly impossible to do simple things anymore.

Every time I use it, I decide, again, that I should move the blogs to our websites, although that was NOT the plan….

Photo by Sarah Brown on Unsplash

Food, of Course

I made a cake yesterday, it was good! I’d expect that, it had an entire stick of butter in it. I’ll post the recipe when I can.

I also recently made a batch of roasted red pepper soup. This is my own modification from a recipe which uses yellow peppers (expensive), beans, carrots, celery, onion and stock. I over time reduced it to: red pepper, onion, and broth.

It’s my “tomato” soup for winter. If you buy, roast and then freeze red peppers in summer when they’re cheap, it’s an easy meal to dump the frozen block o’ peppers in a pot with stock and chopped onion. Cook and buzz. Or, thaw the peppers, chop them roughly, saute the chopped onions in just a skim of oil, then add the peppers and broth. For each serving, use about 2 large peppers, 2 cups broth, 1/8 med. onion, chopped. Serve with grated parmesan.

The original recipe had the soup served with rosemary croutons.

The cake recipe came from a cookbook. It was supposed to be served with the cake split and blueberries and cream put between, but we didn’t do that. DH had it with yogurt and blueberries the first day, I had it with vanilla syrup. Today we ate it unadorned, although we do have blueberries we need to use! I may make a blueberry loaf to put in the freezer. That would be great on a cold winter day when fresh blueberries are insanely expensive and feel “exotic.”

We had frozen pizza for dinner last night. We’ve been eating a lot of prefab dinners because I have a huge order going out next week and I’m tired after flinging boxes of books around for several hours.

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash