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What I’ve Been Doing

We’ve been working on the bedroom rehab extensively. So my cooking has gotten very basic and it’s hot, so a lot less cooking is happening here than previously!

I updated the links list with the links from May, 2020 this morning. There are 1-2 recipes, like the corn casserole I used with chilis, that seem to no longer exist online. I’ll post the recipes here as I can. It won’t be immediately.

The antique store re-opens today.

DH made biscuits for breakfast (we’re out of bread) and crackers from the leftover dough.

Food Waste Hint (Flour): We do something I’ve never seen talked about elsewhere. When making bread or biscuits or… if it’s dry, we freeze the flour dregs from the kneading/cutting board in a margarine cup or ziplock. We use these “flour dregs” to thicken soups or gravy. Why toss it?

I have the weekly food list to edit and post too. Sorry I haven’t been doing more daily posts,  we’re just swamped!


Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

The plan today is to run my errands and then figure out menus for the week. I”ll do a post about what I’m doing, where I got the idea, etc. later!

Stuck at Home? Ideas to Pass the Time and Baking Ingredient/Substitutions List

I live with an anxiety disorder, PTSD. One thing I’ve learned in dealing with anxiety my entire life (well, since I was 3) is that the easiest way to cope is to keep busy! So, here’s a few ideas to help you.

  1.  Read! I’m a book person, right? I want to get at least one book off my “to be read” pile. Even if you only have 5 minutes here or there because you’re not commuting to work, it’s “found” time!
  2. Cook (to reduce waste)! I have the end of a package of mushrooms which will become slime soon and onions which have started to sprout… And butter, yes, I have some butter, it’s in the freezer. (Hopefully, I can buy more.) Make something basic that can be used in future meals and also reduces your food waste: sauteed onions and duxelles are in my plans today, for just that very reason.
  3. Improve! Work on a home-improvement project if you have all the pieces, or have the pieces to start. We planned, after DH broke his leg, to be really conservative this year on home projects. Possible retirement was also a factor. So, we decided that we’d make use of the supplies and materials on hand rather than starting any new projects. One of those projects is painting the living room’s baseboards. I started that yesterday!
  4. Inventory! Do an inventory. Do you have 19 cans of chili and 2 of fruit cocktail? When availability/resources are limited, knowing exactly what you have (and don’t) enables you to shop for and store only the necessary, keeps down expenditures, and keeps products you could have overbought available for others.
  5. Cook (basics)! Don’t cook from scratch? Try. Fry an egg, make toast. The next time, add some sauteed onion or mushrooms, bell peppers, or what have you? Or, try boiling an egg instead. Or make biscuits from a can or . . . push your cooking towards the next level.
  6. Explore alternatives! Find and use alternatives if you can. Especially with baking there seem to be a lot:
    • Baking powder can be made up from cream of tartar and baking soda, here.
    • Brown sugar can be made up as needed from white sugar and molasses, here.
    • Applesauce can be used to substitute for fats in baking, here.
    • Soy flour can be substituted for eggs, here.