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Senior Frugality: Using the Available Discounts

One thing I’ve found with a lot of work is that there are many ways to save money out there —  but some are not so easy to find!

For example, Michael’s has a senior discount (10%), but you have to ask for it. Joann’s on the other hand, only has one on certain days, it’s 20% and you have to show ID. The difference between the discounts and the availability causes me to shop at Michael’s more often. Why not? It’s not one day — it’s all the time.

There are a lot of senior discounts. The best list I’ve found is this one (although the Joann’s discount, such as it is, doesn’t seem to be listed).

One of my fave local restaurants has one. (Not a chain, but a cafe.) My small, local green market has a senior discount on Tuesdays. (They also have a points program and the points can be used anytime, like cash. I tend to accrue $10 in points then use them.)

Although I clip coupons, I more often use discounts like above, or gift card deals, Target is a good example. I’ll buy (whatever it is we need that will give me a $5+ gift card) and then use the card to buy groceries in the next few weeks.

All of these require a bit of work on your part. You have to read the ads, ask, or find about the discount on your own.

More frugality for seniors and thinking about this issue can be found here with the tag: retirement planning. There are discussions about bread, meats, and other purchases.

Links Round Up: Jan – Mar

I went back through my posts since the beginning of the year. It seems I’m doing a lot of research and including links in my posts. All of the blog posts or links I’ve pinged back or linked to are given below.

January: None.