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Put Off

The lists are not going to be updated tomorrow. Not because it hasn’t been 2 weeks since I’ve done it or anything like that.

I fell yesterday on a hill covered with snow on top of ice. Fell hard. I am bruised and swollen. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully, I didn’t do anything like crack my elbow, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I had.

So, until further notice, I’m not writing blogs.

Have a great holiday season, of whatever stripe you follow!



Becoming OCD: Symptoms

I have many indicators that I am slipping to the other side:

  1. I’m scraping off the “dirty” part of the soap bar and using that when I wash my hands.
  2. I’m thinking that scissors and other tools with dark handles save cleaning fingerprints from them.
  3. When I toss something, almost anything, I think, “One less piece of clutter . . . “
  4. I started wrapping the cord to the upright vac with crossed loops. Fewer loops, much neater!
  5. Our TP holder has room for a 2nd roll behind. I stopped putting the 2nd roll hole forward and instead put it the same way as the roll we’re using… less visual clutter.
  6. I’ve been cataloging, pricing, and tagging items before I leave home. No more wondering if I’d paid $2 for something or $4? I know the mark-up is adequate, and since I know my pricing schema, I know enough when I start mark downs what I likely paid for the item.  $3 is my bottom price, if I can’t sell something for $3 in a week, it’s not worth bothering with. That is the hard-won knowledge of years of retailing and my old inclination to keep things. I’m getting ruthless!
  7. Becoming OCD is catching, did you know? DH is reorganizing his workshop. He’s using a Space Budget (although he doesn’t call it that).
  8. I’ve decided that I love contractions, abbreviations, ampersands & question marks: shorter and tidier writing. (I really am OCD! Tidy writing??? )

Any minute now, I will become that monster: the woman who won’t go outside because her hair gets messed, who wipes the table whenever anyone lifts a cup from it!

If you know me IRL, please TELL me if when I go too far. Please! How do you avoid falling off a cliff?

Monday’s Six & Unexpected Flurries. . .

I’ll explain the unexpected flurries first. DH over the weekend bought a bin to house our paint sprayer, which has been in its original cardboard box inside a laundry basket, and stashed in the wood shed. It needed to be put into the attic and it needed a better container for all its bits. So we bought one Sunday.

Sunday night here we had a huge storm. Bad enough we had no power or internet when we woke  and there were branches and pine cones and asst. stuff all over our yard when we got up. It seemed pretty obvious we’d be without power for some time, so DH took the day off to haul wood or water, help clear the yard, etc, In between other chores, he decided he’d pull out the paint sprayer. He took the box out of the basket and brought it inside and started pulling the pieces out.

Then he yelled my name, loudly! I came pelting down the stairs to find out what was wrong? There had been a mouse in the box. It was now loose in our kitchen. Ack!

He took the remaining packaging outside, no more mice. He pulled a loose piece out of the basket and there were suddenly mice, a pack of them, everywhere all over the deck and scurrying away from the nasty human who’d upset their home. The bad news? We have a mouse in the house (we have 2 cats), not great, but it will be dealt with either by the traps we set out or one of the cats will get it. The good news? The other mice didn’t get in!

After we went and got water (didn’t have what we needed, remember my backlogged goal?) we also got mousetraps. Set the traps, stored the water and went off to go stock the booth and get some organizational bits for the workshop.

As we were driving down the state road which leads to the next town en route to the college town where my booth is, I noticed a movement to my left. Fortunately, DH did more than notice, he swerved! The large pine tree which I’d noticed moving FELL all the way across both lanes (we were in the right one) and DH missed it by pulling the car onto the verge. There was a sort of whoosh followed by *crack!* as the tree hit the ground and a kind of cloud of pine needles. (The 2nd flurry of the day!)

We turned around and started pulling the tree out of the road. The fellow behind us stopped. The two cars coming the other direction stopped and between us the tree’s pieces were removed from the roadway. Instant community!

After that? No more flurries, of mice or pine needles, but that was plenty!

Okay. Today’s 6:

  1. Stitch together the two smaller rugs you’re using as a runner, so that it IS a runner.
  2. Get the measurements so DH can cut the plywood for the fan storage.
  3. Get the coffee ad framed.
  4. Get the rest of the burlap and stick it down onto the hill for erosion control.
  5. Clean part of the upstairs that hasn’t been touched in some time.
  6. Double check the emergency supplies. (fill in)

The backlog:

  • Put away the canning supplies if not in use.
  • Remount the last yardstick.
  • Find a new home for the basket which holds the “cat towels.” (Old towels used for whatever is needed: car washing, spill clean up, whatever!)
  • Pick up the yard, put more items away for winter.
  • Put up the 3 missing hurricane clips
  • Replace the saved emergency water supply. (I deliberately used the old water supply this summer.) Mon. 1:00 p.m.
  • Put the tile in the basement. (I recently acquired a LOT of mosaic tiles.)
  • Get the ladders put away for the season.
  • Get the supplies for the knitted pillow all in one place so you can finish it!
  • Get the rest of the better paint into the attic.
  • Clean the office chairs.
  • Find a place to put away the dehydrator racks and do so when appropriate.
  • Use up the ice cream base in the freezer.
  • Put garden hoses away for winter.
  • Recaulk the bathroom as needed.
  • Figure out a new way/place to store the yarn and put it away.
  • Look at the stored snow tires. Need new ones? In the budget?
  • Examine winter coats for flaws, etc. 

Chores on hold or in process, for whatever reason:

Make up/try the Naval Academy brass polish. Deferred because I have THREE containers of general metal polish. I want to use up at least one of those before I make up more. I sure don’t need 4!!!

Go thru the record collection, cull. First part done. Moving to in-process 10/27

Wash the net curtains. First pair pulled from over the dry stores 4:30. Washed Tues. 10/24 a.m. One pair to go. Two pairs to go.

Use up the eggplant from last week. Used the first one for Sunday’s dinner. 2nd one used Fri. lunch. (2 to go!)

Fertilize the lawn. Did the dooryard lawn and the lawn on the street side of the bulb bed. Tues. 4:30 p.m. Lots more to do!

Cull books from one “holding pattern” bookcases. Either they’re out or they stay!, in process Thurs. a.m. (I did the 1st shelf.)

Put family photos in the album. Can’t be done. Photos located, album missing!

Clean off DH’s desk. This is going to be delayed until he and I catch up. I pulled everything from the top drawer on his side of the dresser, we’re still going through all of that.

Monday’s 6 & Last Week’s Backlog

It’s nice to see that I managed to get one day’s worth of chores done (Tuesday) finally, but there are still 10 more items which are undone! It’s raining as I type this, and that will further put off outdoor chores.

  1. Clean the cat food bin.10:30
  2. Inventory the filters, make sure there’s the needed amount of the right type.12:30
  3. Clean the drawer with rolling pin, etc. 11:00
  4. Put family photos in the album. Can’t be done. Photos located, album missing! 
  5. Inventory/examine/clean the items in the umbrella basket. Move seasonal items no longer needed to attic or other secondary storage.11:10
  6. Work on maintenance: desk/bath counter and new cleaning: laundry.


  • Examine winter coats for flaws, etc.
  • Clear off the dining room table again. In process. More work done Sun., but not complete!
  • Do the last gather of flea market materials, last market is a week from tomorrow.
  • Work on the household journal.


  • Put ice scrapers in the cars, examine and see if they need replacement?
  • Ship the box to the BIL, make up more boxes of things which should be shipped and get them sent!


  • Organize/Cull the cleaning products

Monday’s Backlog:

  • Clear stuff from my car and run a vac through at least part of it!
  • Work on the fabric storage again: cull and neaten.
  • Move the paint as DH and I discussed.



Going Antiquing! Well, No, I’m not. . .

There’s an antique “trail” sort of event happening today. I was going to go to one of my fave shops and add 2 more shops in between the house, there, and where I have my stuff for sale.

But I’m not. Why?

Because I refuse to battle with google docs to give me directions. I looked everything up on a computer here at home. Sent it to myself as an email. Oh, wait that won’t work, my email isn’t current on the phone. Sent it to myself as a text.

Fine. Get in the car, decide to double check that I have the directions — can’t get it to open. And can’t and can’t. Get DH involved. He is confused. I have google maps on my phone, although google doesn’t seem to think so?

So, we put the shops back in, except I can’t get them to work in the correct order. I can delete shops, but not add them back in, in the right order. So, I can go to MA then come back to NH to go back to MA to come back to NH.

Not sane.

After 10-15 minutes f’n around with this, I gave up. I don’t need to go antiquing. I don’t need more stuff. I am looking for 2 pieces, that’s all. It will all wait!

I’m going to change back into grubbies and find something really *nasty* to clean — so I can work off the end of my anger.



Unexpected Consequences or Catsequences … ?

What did I do today? Not deal with most of my list. However, the bathroom, the smallest room in the house is much cleaner, I hesitate to say it, but it IS clean.

I put vinegar/baking soda down the tub drain this morning and the tub’s plug stopped working. It had been weird and difficult for years, but it just quit.

So, I took it apart, discovered the part was indeed broken. DH had a replacement and I did my first plumbing repair. Hurrah! In the process, I cleaned the hair out of the tub’s drain, cleaned all around, put a small amount of grease on the socket/ball which is the  lever, etc.

Afterwards, I cleaned the tub, of course.

Then I looked down and although I’d cleaned the tub side of the toilet last week, I’d never finished the other side.

It rained this morning. When it precipitates and isn’t freezing, we get ants in the bathroom. I looked at the “clean” side of the toilet, and there’s an ant trail . . . Sigh. So, I cleaned BOTH sides, the back, the floor, etc. everything, with alcohol. No more ant trail for them to follow, they’ll have to start fresh. (The plan is that I will also renew the caulk around the toilet, but that hasn’t happened just yet.)

Then i tackled the sink. Now the sink, like every horizontal surface here rarely stays empty. It wasn’t. Papers, change, a bottle of glue (?), old computer disks, a book, etc. But even when it’s empty, it doesn’t stay looking nice and it has nothing to do with the HUMANS who use it to wash their hands, shave, etc.

The little cat likes “bodies” of water. The first time she decided to visit me in the tub was quite a shock. Here’s this little black kitten, trying really hard to just lap my bath water (with me in it mind) and not fall at the same time. Felt rather like I’d been visited by a lip smacking cannibal. . . .

My old cat, before someone did something awful to her (chase her with a hose I think) with water, was the only cat I’ve ever known who was completely unafraid of water. She’d sit on my chest, purring, tail dipped in my bath water, knowing she was safe because she was with the human.  After the person did whatever it was they did to traumatize her, she would come in miaowing in great distress, if I stayed in the tub too long. (I have a bad back, soaking in a hot tub works when my back goes out!)

The new little cat, who likes tub water? Well, the solution was that we put Starbucks mug on the counter and that’s her primary water bowl (although of course there’s one with her food dish in the kitchen). She prefers the mug, and  that means there’s little black paw prints, from both cats, all around the sink, almost daily.

Add the iron in the water which makes anything which was cleaned > 2 hours ago look like it has never been cleaned? and you have the reason I gave up long ago trying to make the bathroom look good. If we use it? It looks like I never clean it.

It’s the smallest room in the house, one of the easiest to clean, and I have to make myself clean it regularly, because it just makes me depressed. No matter what I do, it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in a week or more. Even when that is patently NOT true.


Friday’s 5 and Backlog. . . .

Friday’s Five:

  1. Examine winter coats for flaws, etc.
  2. Clear off the dining room table again. In process.
  3. Do the last gather of flea market materials, last market is a week from tomorrow.
  4. Work on the household journal.
  5. Strip the bed and replace the down comforter under the sheets so that it can be washed sometime this week. Done Friday, forgot to note it at the time! The comforter which was pulled off still needs to be cleaned and then replaced.

Thurday’s Backlog

  • Put ice scrapers in the cars, examine and see if they need replacement?
  • Ship the box to the BIL, make up more boxes of things which should be shipped and get them sent!

Wednesday’s Backlog

  • Organize/Cull the cleaning products

Tuesday’s Backlog:

  • Get lumber stored correctly for winter, where storage is available. Sat. noon
  • Clean the quarry tile in the sunroom. Sun., forgot to note the time!

Monday’s Backlog:

  • Clear stuff from my car and run a vac through at least part of it!
  • Work on the fabric storage again: cull and neaten.
  • Move the paint as DH and I discussed.
  • Clean out the underdeck storage. Sun. 6 p.m.