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It’s Monday & It’s Not April Fool’s — Darn!

I was hoping my terrible morning could be blamed on something, anything other than it is just my turn at the big chance wheel to have a world-class sucky day.

I tried looking for something on our town’s library site. It didn’t work. I tried looking at the state’s site. That didn’t work either. Why would this upset me? Because the system they replaced a few years back I knew how to use and I used it a lot. More dangerous learning curves ahead, sigh. Just once? I’d like a “learning experience” that is not frustrating or embarrassing or expensive — just once!

And I used 1/2 the last batch of cake mix. (See the links list.) Substituted 1/4C orange juice for that much of the milk. (I had a cookbook which had a “master recipe,” used the same amount of milk, but to make an orange cake, substitute 1/4C orange juice and change the leavening from just baking powder to baking powder and baking soda.) I couldn’t do anything with the quantity of baking powder (the recipe reduced the baking powder too) as it was a mix, but I was only using 1/2 the mix, sooooo..

It rose up and got golden and looked splendid. I made a blood orange glaze. The house smelled glorious. I inserted a knife in the middle to see if it was done?’

“Whoosh” it said and fell.

Pulled it from the oven, ran the knife around the outside edge and tried to pry out one corner. The top folded back like a piece of paper — and it looked RAW inside?

Ooookay, back in the oven it goes, with foil on top, to cook and cook and cook some more. No change.  I finally just tasted it. It was cooked, but didn’t look it.

It’s yummy.

I used a cake mix to make a baked orange pudding.

I have a button for days like this: “I should have stood in bed.”

And stayed there!

I Keep Relearning This

My taste is off, well, it’s not off — it’s just that I want things that don’t seem to exist. I want some website art work done, no one wants the work for some reason? And I want fabric with a big sun for my kitchen, can’t find what I want there either.

So, the conclusion is that I’ll have to do it myself!

To that end, I intend to take some photoshop classes online. Both things can be done with photoshop. If I knew photoshop well enough, I would have done them already. I don’t. I don’t think that way, so I have to learn how. I can do really basic manipulation of things, but not to the extent that I need for both projects.

The website stuff is easy, once I get it done, I load it and it’s there. The other I’ll have to make into fabric. But I know where to do that, All I have to do is figure out how their tech works well enough to use it. That’s all!

Being weird is expensive sometimes.