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More Work: Tues & Weds

More was done on the roof and new patio on both Tuesday and Wednesday. This makes doing extensive things in the house awkward, but not impossible.


I bought a bookcase last Friday. It’s shallow (12″) but long (48″) and wonderfully, it has 5 cubbies, 3 of which fit my notebook boxes. Hurrah!

Because of the new bookcase, yesterday I cleared and cleaned most of the space between the jelly cabinet and the end of the stairs, along the stair rail wall. (It’s cutaway to let heat from the woodstove migrate upstairs in winter.)  Anyway, I removed the 3 bookcase boxes from that wall, cleaned things, sorted the books, etc. into “outs” and “keeps” and put the new bookcase into place along that wall with the only one bookcase box and the short bookcase box on top (it had been on top of 2 larger bookcase boxes). The decorative stuff and the CDs and field guides which live in the short bookcase box have been replaced. I need to refill the bookcase with “keeps” from the sort and box up the “outs” so that they can be further sorted into “try to sell” and “donations.”

The donations get donated ASAP, the others will be put up for sale for a limited time. If they sell? Great! If not? They become donations. I am only keeping expensive or signed books these days for possible future sale. Regular books < $20 aren’t worth my time any more. . . .

Anyway, that’s the next step for the house culling.

Otherwise I have to remove everything from the new cap for those drawer units so DH can make a riser to go under it and the top drawers will move again. Then the top will be replaced, and the bookcase will be empty! The milk crates will be put to use in my office and the bookcase will (hopefully) be put into the attic fairly quickly. (If you’re keeping count, the bookcase will be the 3rd piece (the others are one bookcase box from the living room and the trunk) waiting to go into the attic.

Clearing out the attic has become a priority! So I will work on it and my office a bit more today.

This morning I worked on the compost heaps. I need to distribute the compost from the old heap into the vegetable garden and EMPTY the bin. I have 3 pallets made into a U shape which form the original bin. After way too long, I now have two more pallets to add, so  it will be W shape instead! I need to buy the pieces I use to anchor the pallets. I don’t have any just now. When I get the second leg added, the structure will be complete. There’s a “yard” attached too, for a leaf pile. Right now, that is holding the 2nd (current) compost heap and the leaf pile is a mess piled up on the side. I want to make this a LOT neater!

I used the wood ash pile up this morning too. Then used a layer off the old compost pile. The effort to make the new pile, use up the old pile, and neaten up the leaf pile(s) is going to take time and a few sessions of working on it.

It just started to rain here, again, so it’s possible that no more work will be possible until tomorrow. If it dries out? Great! If not, well, tomorrow I guess.

What I really, really wanted to do late this morning on the attic effort was haul everything from the “island” in the middle of the attic out onto the lawn so that it could be sorted into culls and keeps. The culls could either go to the storage, the dump (Weds.) or antique store.

Sigh. I do not have a “good” Plan B. It’s approx. 11:30, I guess Plan B is to have an early lunch and then examine the stuff in the attic and see what I can do otherwise.


They brought the posts over which will support the new piece of the roof, this is going to be real sometime soon — or so it appears!

Aside from that I spent a lot of Wednesday processing the end of last week’s produce so that the new batch I’ll get tomorrow will go into a mostly cleared out fridge.

Did 3 loads of laundry, the laundry is finally starting to get caught up. Hurrah!

Did 3 loads of dishes too, and DH did some. If I wasn’t chopping, etc. food thru the day the kitchen would be clean, but it isn’t, because things get used as fast as other pieces get washed and put away. Oh well.

Did a dump run this afternoon. DH and I did another this evening. The sheets got changed on the bed. Fourth load of wash in the machine, 3rd load in the dryer.

Lots of work getting done around here. I think I should get another job, I might be less busy!


New Leaf

Determined to get the house at least marginally cleared out and cleaned this week. We’ll see how I do!

I’ve tackled part of the laundry room this morning. The plan is to at least run the laundry during the day, pretty continually, until I get the backlog done.

After that? The dining room. Then the kitchen storage area. Then the kitchen, hall, living room and entry.

By that time I figure it will be Friday!

I’ll track what I’ve done below.

empty room

Monday – this morning I took everything off the washer/dryer and put in a tool box with the idea that the box would contain the “stuff” which had littered the shelves. It works, and doesn’t work exactly the way I’d hoped. We’ll see what DH says!

Tuesday – Took everything off the “cat bench” (cat food, cat feeding station, recycling bins). Cleaned it all, put it all back so it’s tidy. Started cleaning off the table and the floor area under it.

Wednesday More off the table, more floor space cleared, took a track light track, some cooking aluminum pieces (bread and entree pans/lids) to the swap shop along with a few books. More items intended for the flea market Saturday were put in the car. Dining room is nearly clean. Started working on the kitchen storage area. Came up with a plan to deal with the fragile and previously broken piece which has been on the table for months.

Thursday Dining room is clean. Kitchen storage is clean. Left to do downstairs: kitchen, hall, and living room. Some of which will be pretty fast, as they’ve been done before. Not going to be fast: someway to deal with the coffee table in the hallway. Not sure how that will be fixed.

Friday – Today’s job is the hall/living room. Which leaves the landing, bath, and office for tomorrow.

Saturday Tackled the living room and some of the sunroom, more of the kitchen. Recleaned the bathroom and swept the stairs.

Sunday – We had company. Finished up the living room.

Loads washed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Loads taken upstairs to be put away: 1, 2, 3,

Loads put away: 1, 2

Items culled: 2 plastic baskets, a second box of washing soda, out of date food items. One measuring cup, a breadstick crock, soup crock, crate, some clothes, some magazines, a few craft items, a few books,

Items used which had been unused: tool box, 2 glass photo trays, 2 bowls, 1 aluminum pot w/lid, 4 plastic bins & lids,

Rooms worked on: laundry room, dining room, kitchen, upstairs bathroom, stairs, entry, sun room, kitchen storage, living room, hallway, sunroom.

The 100 Item Rule, Bent to My Needs

I ran into a minimalism blog about how to become one. I had looked at it for ideas. I really like the idea, but. . . I am a recovering hoarder AND I have no intention of doing some of the things they talk about: i.e., not having a car or mortgage, just to start with.

But given the “have 100 things or less” idea? I decided that I could use that as a guide to help me pare things down.

Realistically, it will NOT apply here to these things: books or beads. Otherwise? I think I can probably pare my stuff down or won’t need it.

Classes of “stuff” where I might use this: clothes, shelf-stable foods, frozen foods, cleaning products, tools, decorative geegaws, items for future rennovation. (There’s probably more I’ve missed!) [Yep — office supplies!]

Clothes: includes shoes, socks, winter wear, etc. I’m not willing to freeze for this, but I haven’t really kept up with the pared-down capsule clothes idea I had with the French Dressing post, so a cull is not a bad idea at all. Recently, I’ve been playing with the idea of buying some cheap cotton dresses for everyday spring/summer/early fall, but I haven’t actually done that yet. I know what I want and where to get it, but I haven’t done it — yet, if I do it at all. I’m wearing: 2, remainder available = 98.

I realize this may have to be 100 per season because I’m not going to freeze to be a minimalist!

  • Pens & pencils: I expected this to be around 40, nope! Just counting the pieces which are “put away,” that is, in a drawer, cup or whatever where they should be, the total is 120! This obviously doesn’t count all the pieces littered through the house, in boxes, etc. Guess? We’ve got 100 or more in various places I didn’t count. I counted what was in the office and in the kitchen’s pencil cup. In all fairness, this does include things like technical pens, colored pencils, the sharpie used to mark frozen foods, etc. Those I consider either special use (and therefore really can’t be purged) or things which are frequently used. The obvious cull here is markers which don’t work, but we do purge those fairly often. I’ll check them later today, so the 120 total should be reduced. But I  don’t expect that I’ll cull 20 — or more!


We’ll see how this goes later today! Exactly what I expected, I got rid of one dead marker!

New total = 119.

Found 2 in the bedroom.

New total = 121

Twelve more in one of the art spaces.

New total = 133.

Five found a new home, out of the day to day storage. New total = 128.

Thirty-one colored pencils put in special pages into binder. New total = 99.

And that’s that, until I locate more!

One pen ran out of ink while I was using it (disposable type) New total = 98. (9/21)

Found a working pen in a box. New total = 99.(9/22)

Wednesday’s Work

Cleaned the dining room ceiling/light this morning before I went off to my appt.


Found a HUGE lidded basket to hold the extra pillows and maybe some of the out of season bedding. Yay! Also bought a Canada Dry crate (I had one, but it fell apart.)  which will finish the new crate/bookshelf in the dining room under the counter.

I took the stuff in my car to the storage.

canada dry crate

When I got back,  just because I had it in my head to do so, I culled/straightened/cleaned and organized the bottom of the bathroom closet. I removed the laundry basket/frame which was there. The bag is getting washed and then the whole thing will be donated probably. The new one pictured below is $12, no one is going to pay me anything  much for a used one! Problem with the thing is that it’s too big. I avoid doing laundry because it’s 2-3 loads and cumbersome to take the big bag to the laundry room when full. So, I avoid doing laundry; which just isn’t going to work.

laundry basket with frame

As I think of it, I’m reorganizing, replacing, finding new ways to store things, etc. It’s coming together, slowly.

I cleaned the top of the wardrobe. Cleaned the basket. Put the stuff into the basket (have to load the basket on the floor, then put it on the wardrobe, and the lid is on upside down. But the pillows and one of the winter blankets are in the basket, much neater than the helter-skelter pile of pillows and blankets that was there before. I need at least one more way to organize the remaining out-of-season bedding, but I’ll think of something, eventually.

I have a mixed mind about this entire process.

  • I think it’s kind of fun to find solutions to problems which I was busy ignoring in the past.
  • I keep wondering if the VOICE OF DOOM” that is, the PTSD, will kick in big time. But so far, I’m fine!

We’ll see.



Chipping Away at the Monolith

What I did today was mundane, but necessary chores: I had a health thing checked and my helper and I got through the 4 loads of laundry in the laundry room. I mailed 3 pieces which have been sitting here to be mailed, for months. A batch of collectible books has  been put in sleeves, ready for putting into a booth.

Necessary, but not interesting. All are steps towards the “new me.” The test thing I’ve been avoiding for months. The laundry I’ve been kidding myself for a week (more?) that I’d get it all done. It’s done, now. We went to a laundromat and just got it done. The books were uncovered two weeks ago, and I’ve been telling myself I’d get to them ever since.

I need to put the laundry away, price the books and get them out for sale.

I also need to go make dinner.

Have a great weekend everyone!


The History of Denim Strips

The denim strips I’ve been turning into decorations (hearts) have been in my life oh for more than 10 years now. Originally, they were legs cut off of jeans to make shorts by the seamstress for a fellow I knew. He sold jeans and denim shorts at a flea market where I had a booth. I took the trash bag full of denim leg pieces and had no idea wtf I was going to do with them. Years later, I decided to turn them into a rug.

The first attempt didn’t work. (1)

I gave them to someone else to turn into a rug, which worked fine, except that it curled. The third time I tripped over it I stopped using it. (2)

Then I came up with a brilliant idea of how I was going to use them to make a different kind of rug. I took apart (2) and charged ahead — except that didn’t work either. (3)

I came up with yet another technique. And, since I have never dismantled (3), I started buying jeans at flea markets, picking them up at the swap shop at the dump, etc. btw, this one didn’t work either (4).

So, I have a LARGE box in the attic labelled “denim for rugs” which is probably uncut jeans and I had somewhere around 1,000 denim strips in the house, mostly still in failed rugs (3) and (4).

While this was going on, I kept trying to figure out how to finger weave a rug, no loom, no sewing, but never found one. Instead, I had figured out how to handweave hearts. Lately, what I’ve been doing is making those hearts for resale. If they don’t sell? Well, that’s too bad, I’ll scatter them around the house, use them as booth decorations or just toss them. Right now there’s two with felt backs (another failed idea) hanging on the front door. I really should remove the not-so-great felt backs, but  haven’t yet. I probably will — eventually.

Also, eventually, and sooner than later, I need to make up a tutorial for these or someone will buy them, undo one or two and post a tutorial for something that literally took me months to figure out. I’m not proud, but I do want credit for the many hours of  trial & error I did until I got it right!

Just so you know, I took apart rug (4) to make these. It doesn’t exist any more. Rug (3) is still here. My intention is to take that apart and make more hearts. I haven’t decided what to do about the box, yet.

The Invitation

The current version of the invitation reads: “Please come for brunch (date, time, address) and bring no more than three boxes of stuff (clothes, books, housewares, etc. ) you want to get rid of. Everyone else will do the same.

From the offered stuff, take what you want and/or need and whatever remains of your stuff when you go.”

I’m not ready to do this, not just yet, but I’d love to do it before the end of September.

Have you done such a thing? Did it work?For those of you who were at the birthday party last year, I’m thinking of inviting many of the same people.

Comments? Ideas? Would you go to such a thing? Not?