Decisions, Decisions

Last flea market is soon. Book sale a little while after that. I’m going to make a dent in the stuff, if not empty the house, attic, storage, etc.

That said, I have to decide, NOW, what’s being put up for sale, where/when. There are a lot of pieces to do this for!


Fortunately, the weather is cooperating: it’s not too hot or too cold. Yay!

I’m off, more stuff to either pack into a box (keeps or going in the car) or go through an unpacked box to make a determination!

2 responses to “Decisions, Decisions

  1. I’m glad you feel like you’re making a dent!

  2. Well, if I’m not making a dent, I’m doing a lot of work for nothing, right? But no, I am making a dent. The photo above is a few years back, but it is one of my storage units. I can look at that photo and say things like: I don’t have books in trays anymore (top left); I don’t own the trunk anymore (foreground); I don’t have the bookcase any more (mid right). Obviously, I don’t know if I still own the books in the boxes, bins, trays, and the trunk!

    You’re one of the few people who saw the living room when it looked like this, although the photo is a storage unit. Over the years I’ve gotten rid of 1,000s of books!

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