A Tech Problem.

I’m writing a novella, a novel, or just a really big piece. I remembered a recommendation from a pro (I know a lot of them.) to use some software or the other, originally made for academic writing, but that it was helpful to not change character names in the middles of the work, etc.

I’d forgotten the name of the app, so went looking.

I found a review of several, including prowritingaid.com which looked like the best bet. Anyway I wanted to try it. Except I can’t. The only way I can “try” it is to sign up for the premium version because of the computer/OS I’m using. You know? I’d really like to try it at least once to see if it’s worth the $ first.

The software I’d gotten the recommendation for is scrivener. I haven’t looked their free trial yet. If I can try it? Well, here’s a surprise — which one do you think I’ll buy?


2 responses to “A Tech Problem.

  1. Gwen Hernandez, the creator of Scrivener, was a guest speaker at NH-RWA. It really is writing software combined with a number of on-screen “bulletin boards” to help. I found it really attractive, myself, although I still prefer paper notes nearby (which I tend to lose… hm.). When you get a 30-day trial with them, it really means 30x, as if you logged on once per day for a month. It also outputs as an epub if desired. It really has a lot of things going for it. (Yet I’m not using it because I’m an old holdout.)

    Linda Tiernan Kepner http://www.lindatkepner.com

    • DH says he can’t see why the other didn’t work. I was intrigued by a software program which might help me become a better writer. That said, I don’t want to buy it, subscribe, or whatever if the education is either too intrusive or expensive!

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