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Crossed by Many, Chased by Rainbows

I went to the farm today. On the way out of the valley where the farm is, on the state highway, a youngish rabbit crossed the road in front of me. Not slam on the brakes in front of me,  I slowed down. I thought it odd because usually they’re either dead in the road  or I’ve seen them on the side of the road, but not crossing it.

I got to the college town, where I can catch the freeway home, but as usual when it’s hot, I opted for the back route, more trees, cooler and much more pleasant. Got past the town where I helped get their library’s card catalog established and started around the lake. Didn’t take me long to realize that there was a rainbow ending on the far shore and we were traveling around the lake at a steady pace. I got to the end of the lake, there’s a small inlet on the other side and there was the beginning of the rainbow. I thought that was that. Except that every time I emerged from the trees for some time, there was a rainbow to my right.

Near the end of the trees/openings, I had an owl or hawk (for some reason I thought it was an owl) swoop down low right in front of me. Could plainly see the brown stripes across its lighter wings.

The road around the lake Ts on a state road. I turned left and got to the marsh and stopped, flashers going because the rainbow to my right was just dazzling, I took 2 pictures, which I’m sure won’t show it. Just as I started up a small beaver skittered off into the pond ahead of me.

Where that road stops is the major route to our town; it’s one of the 3 state highways intersecting in or near our downtown. There were big puffy cumulus clouds ahead of me with dark patches — it was drizzling — but to my left it was still brilliant sunshiney blue skies with shock-white lenticular clouds.

So a trip full of avatars or?  I researched.

  • Rabbit caution, fertility, rebirth, safety in numbers.
  • Rainbow path of the holy spirit,
  • Owl wisdom, swift & silent, sees things clearly, creature of the night.
  • Beaver creative/artistic abilities, builder, resourcefulness, determination.


(image via google images)

All of which means exactly nothing except that there were a lot of animals fleeing the rain!