Chore List: Reboot!

Right now, I don’t have an updated version of the backlog. I’ll get that and paste it in, after I create this. My new plan is to come up with all the things I want to do on Monday (Yes, I’m late. Tell my boss! Oh — wait — that’s me. . .) Having not done that on Monday, here’s this week’s list:

  1. Work on the attic. Thurs. 12/7 4 p.m.
  2. Clear the fridge. Done Tues.
  3. Send the family pics, etc. to the cousin and school 2/27 who want them.
  4. Cull the veggie seeds and figure out what to order  for next year. (date unknown)
  5. Make the first patterns for the chair reupolstery effort.
  6. (fill in) Deal with the loose Christmas stuff in the living room.Weds. 1 p.m.
  7. Work on the back storage.
  8. Make granola Tues.1 p.m.
  9. Oil the sharpening stones. I know I did this, no idea what date. 2/10/18
  10. Figure out the “decoration” for this year’s Christmas Bread. Some time last week of Nov. although they haven’t been put together, yet.
  11. Put up the new pantry labels. Label file made, but can’t be printed. Waiting on piece which is supposed to arrive today. . . Fri. 12/8, Printed. Need to make some adjustments. Tomorrow! (12/9)
  12. (fill in) Clean off the old computer, as something needs to be put on top of it. (added Tues. 12/5 1 p.m.) 12/8
  13. Clean your car. Was done Mon.12/11, car went to the shop Tues. for snow tires.
  14. Design the pattern for the hearth rug.
  15. Measure some area for the “house book.”
  16. Research the newspaper job idea.
  17. Get the floor waxer into the attic.
  18. Data entry on the accounting or food planning idea.
  19. Work on the new food inventory/planning idea.
  20. Swim, at least once and pick up your swim ticket.
  21. (fill in)Cull napkin collection so that it fits the storage! Thurs. 12/7 3:30p.m.
  22. Eliminate more duplicates.
  23. Get the junk OUT of at least one defined place.
  24. Open the Christmas trunk, see if you want to keep it all? I did this 12/2017, don’t know the date.
  25. Take more to the booth, as most of the high-end pieces have sold. Sat. 12/9
  26. (fill in) Get the accounting up to date, so you haven’t got a panic for the taxes! (MONTH: 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)


  • Get some of the cleaned laundry hung up which isn’t.
  • Do a short inventory of the meat in the big freezer. (Probably something like 1 chicken, 3 lbs ground round, and 1 other package of mixed chicken parts. . . but I don’t know exactly!)
  • Get the rice in one place, instead of 2-3, as it is now.
  • Clean, wax, organize the snow scoop, shovels, etc.Not sure when this got done, but it is. Christmas 2017
  • Use the commercial napkins for their intended craft, or get rid of them! Pulled from the 2 places where they were stored.
  • Get the odd pieces of insulation into the basement.
  • Check the water heater’s filter, does it need to be cleaned?
  • Sand some of the marks from the floor, at the edges.
  • Get the island/kitchen side cleared.Mon. 12/4
  • Update linked in.
  • Work on the house binder.  Done in Jan. 2018
  • Clean out the small ice box.
  • (fill in)Put laundry away.
  • Dust the electronics in the office. Weds. evening.
  • Eat the last watermelon.
  • Get the salt & sand next to the front door. Not sure when this got done, but it is. Christmas 2017
  • Clean the couch.
  • Get the coffee ad framed.
  • Clean part of the upstairs that hasn’t been touched in some time. Bath closet, demo’ed, spackled as required, primed, and painted! 1-2/2018
  • Put away the canning supplies if not in use.
  • Put up the 3 missing hurricane clips
  • Put the grill away. Can’t be done; it’s frozen in a snow bank, what I was trying to avoid, alas!
  • Get the supplies for the knitted pillow all in one place so you can finish it! Done sometime early Dec. forgot to note it!
  • Clean the office chairs.
  • Find a place to put away the dehydrator racks and do so when appropriate.
  • Recaulk the bathroom as needed.
  • Figure out a new way/place to store the yarn and put it away.
  • Look at the stored snow tires. Need new ones? In the budget?12/11
  • Find a new home for the cat towel basket. (Old towels used for car washing, spill clean up, whatever!)

    Chores on hold or in process, for whatever reason

Make up/try the Naval Academy brass polish. Deferred because I have THREE containers of general metal polish. I want to use up at least one of those before I make up more. I sure don’t need 4!!! Down to one container 12/7/17, when that is low/out, I will make up the Naval Academy polish, if I can find the recipe again!

Go thru the record collection, cull. First part done. Moving to in-process 10/27, 2nd piece done 11/2, 3rd 11/21, forgot to note it! Completed 12/24/17!

Wash the net curtains. First pair pulled from over the dry stores 4:30. Washed Tues. 10/24 a.m. One pair to go. Two pairs to go.

Cull books from one “holding pattern” bookcases. Either they’re out or they stay!, in process Thurs. a.m. (I did the 1st shelf.)

Put family photos in the album. Can’t be done. Photos located, album missing!

Clean off DH’s desk. This is going to be delayed until he and I catch up. I pulled everything from the top drawer on his side of the dresser, we’re still going through all of that.

6/35 or 17.1%



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