Week Off

I am so far behind and so overwhelmed, I decided I was going to take the week off from my lists. In the original plan, I’d be taking next week, a holiday week off anyway, but the idea was that I clean up TO that week, not two weeks before it.


Overwhelmed, way, way behind, adding 26 more pieces to that isn’t going to solve it, or make it better.

However! If I use this week to pare down the list as much as possible, then even if I take next week off altogether, it shouldn’t matter, or it won’t as much.

2 responses to “Week Off

  1. You may feel overwhelmed, but trust me, you’re not alone. My car is crapping out, my mail is turning up missing, and the fire alarm is going off at work for no reason. I’m grateful for having a hubby like mine and friends like you, to make me laugh. Blessings. – Linda K.

    Linda Tiernan Kepner http://www.lindatkepner.com

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