Figuring It Out

I think I know what I want to do for our new bedroom curtains. I’m going to make them. I knew that, curtains are too expensive to buy otherwise, unless you use sheets. However, I had no idea what I’d do, but think I do now. I will buy enough to do a double window. If that works? I’ll buy about the same amount again, to do the 2 single windows.

Then we’ll see!

The living room has the same window configuration, almost exactly, so if it works in the bedroom, it should in the living room too. Cost per room? About $50, if I have it figured correctly.

Could be I’ll hate the fabric when I get it. Could be. We’ll see!muslin

One response to “Figuring It Out

  1. Word press won’t let me edit this blog, which originally was written as a draft, so… What I did was buy samples of the fabric I thought I might use.

    DH and I will discuss what he thinks/I think will work and I’ll probably buy enough to do all 4 windows instead of just the double window. If it works in the bedroom, I’ll likely repeat it in the living room (the window configuration is nearly the same).

    Sorry this is in 2 pieces, but after trying multiple times to edit the material I’d originally written above and not being able to, this is the best I can manage!

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