I just ordered three runners, to cover our staircase, again. I will likely paint them this summer, then put the runner(s) on them. It was a really good deal and I’m glad I did it. Runner(s) for the staircase have been on my radar to do for some time, but my price point (<$100) meant that almost everything I found was plastic (Not here!) or ugly (No!) or colors, styles, patterns which were not to my liking. As I said, I’ve been looking for a while.

What I bought is three of these:  

I am returning them, tomorrow. They came today. I had them out of the package for < 1 hour before I asked to return them.






Why? Because they don’t look like the image. They’re striped. The colors are right, but the brown (jute) and the green (cotton) are the same width and the dividing lines are just thread, so they hardly show up at all. It results in a striped rug. If I’d wanted a striped rug, I would have ordered a striped rug! I didn’t. Back they go, tomorrow. Some of the jute is splotchy dark, really dark. It was that way when I pulled it out of the package. We’ll see if the company will try and say that I stained them or ruined them somehow. If they do, then I will do my best to make sure that people know the company is maybe not crooked, but deceitful. We’ll see!


They’re jute and cotton, no latex backing. Yes, the cats will probably shred them, as will using them, however, it’s not just jute (Might as well issue an invitation to the cats: How fast can you make this into compost?) has some color, isn’t hideous, will go along with the rugs I’m making, and at about $22 each, is so cheap that it isn’t worth my time to DIY.

In part, this will determine what this year’s spring/summer house project will be, as the stairs need to be sanded, primed, and repainted before the runners get installed. I also have the rubber matting/heavy upholstery fabric I intended to use for the entry. That’s waiting on us deciding what we’re doing with the living room floor? (No decision, yet.)

So, I’m psyched. I’ve been looking at runners for the stairs about six months now. That part at least is done!

What’s different? They offered me FOUR magazines, a years’ subscription for each, as a “reward” for buying the rugs. I closed the window. I will buy, at most, 1 issue from each of the magazines I saw, in a year. I do NOT want a year’s worth, even for free, thanks!



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