I Thought I’d Done This . . .

We went to an auction last week. I thought I’d published this, but I hadn’t. I’d written it and saved it as a draft. Sigh. Here’s the auction report:

DH bought some hobby things. I don’t track his stuff, so I have no idea how many pieces. My purchases were two: a food container and a box lot of “kitchen tools.”

Of the box lot, I kept 20 pieces. I have 24 pieces staged to sell. I put 97 pieces in the dump bin!

Obviously, I am getting rid of most of it. But the purchase means I LOST 44 off my total. (Noted on the tally 2/14. I hadn’t noted the pieces going to the dump, as they were still here until yesterday.)

I sold a biscuit tin, and a yarn lot (7 skeins) yesterday.+8

Getting something ready to mail which will help, but until it’s actually mailed, it isn’t counted, sigh. I did mail a box ‘o stuff this week: 3 pcs clothing, 3 newspapers, 8 toys. +14, 8+14=22


The auction pieces slated to go to the dump are gone. 22+97=119

In the meantime, I bought a new wallet, but the old one will go away today.-1+1 119+0=119

Also, pulled unsold items from the antique store. It may become a boxlot for the auction, go to the flea market in April or just get donated. I have to go through the box.

Today I went through the stored frames and pulled about 6 to get rid of.  Some frames sell. Others don’t and I can’t figure the difference!

Anyway, I need to add 119 items to my total!


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