Haven’t updated the Tally

Frankly, I’d forgotten all about it.

I’ve been working on taxes, and that is enough to make me downright grumpy, without contemplating purging stuff.

However, let’s see what’s on my “running total” document. It may be a lot, or nothing?

It’s nothing. I haven’t noted anything since the 6th, the last time I updated the tally as well. Tomorrow is a dump day; I’ll have to see what I can find to get rid of. Books are usually fairly easy for me to find. I’ve been filing papers though. My system this year is to put all the receipts, etc. in “coin envelopes” and they’re filed by month in a manila envelope.   It’s definitely filing, and the 20 from Jan are 20 pcs of paper in 20 envelopes in 1 big envelope, so 40 things become 1. I’ve only gotten thru the first quarter, but that’s 39 for Jan, 39 also for Feb, and 63 for Mar. That’s 141 pieces, all by itself!


So the new total is 254 pieces out.

Glad we had this chat, it was productive!



Just went into the attic, looking for more things to sell and found an envelope of old tax info — out it went! That’s another 116 pieces out. Huzzah!



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