Ping Points


Seems I’ve always been focused on what’s over there, beyond the horizon. I know now that what bugs me the most are messes on horizontal surfaces: counters, floors, chairs, etc. Perhaps the two things are related — I don’t know.

I can handle a sink full of dishes, but not a sinkful and counters cluttered with dishes too — that’s too much. So I can handle one sinkful of dishes, but not TWO! (Or, I can’t stand the dirty dishes cluttering up the horizontal counter?)

The laundry room I’m okay with stuff on top of the machines — as long as it’s folded. The quantity doesn’t seem to matter, it’s that the laundry is folded and not heaped.

As someone who never let myself “see” the mess, it’s interesting to notice that not only now do I see the clutter, but I also have limits where the disorder starts to bug me.


Life sure is different. . . .

(Images are not mine, but came from

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