Planned Visit

Going back to a town I wrote about, 3 years ago, haven’t been up there since. From what I can tell, the town’s economy is faltering, again. This seems to happen in this town every 3-5 years. Discouraging!

On the other hand, there was (still is) a good used bookstore and a few great clothing consignment shops and antique stores. Unfortunately, my favorite consignment shop seems to be gone, as well as my fave antique shop, alas. But, there are other good ones, and they’re still there. Also gone (from what I can tell) is the crafters’ consignment shop. [I wondered at the time if it was a viable biz model.] We’ll see! Two of us are going to the spice shop, and maybe one of the consignment shops, maybe.

I thought it was 2015 when I was there, but it was 2014.

If the cafe is just as good, then everything is just fine!

What do you look for when you go to a new town? What do you miss when you go back to someplace you knew a few years back? I’m curious!



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