When Does Stubborn Cross the Line into Stupid?

I just quit a site where I have previously been quite active. Why? Because there was no one, apparently there. Talking to anyone in the company was like shooting bullets into the San Francisco Bay during an opaque pea-soup fog. You have no idea if there’s anything or anyone to hit, if you killed a person, hit the bridge or a bird,  or having hit nothing, the bullet lies, spent, on the sea floor.

It was more than that, but that was the root of the problem. There was no way to affect change, know if you had, know the effects of what you did or said.

It feels quite a bit like my first marriage. I’m stubborn, but I finally gave up on that. The store too.

I’ve always been stubborn (I was supposed to die at birth, fooled ‘ya!) and this question of when do you finally draw a line and say “I’ve had it!” keeps popping up. How long do you have to hang on to a relationship, job, business, behavior, habit, or (fill in the blank) before you just give up? I’ve never had a criteria. The only thing I know is that when dealing with whatever is almost always accompanied by quantities of stomach acid, it’s probably time to go. Even then I hesitate. Even then I usually hang on for some time.

I really don’t have an answer for this question. I wish I had a yardstick of some kind. What do you do?



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