To Do List: 1/11/17

  • Living Room: caulk & trim paint, as needed. Furniture is being replaced without a plan. Decide about coffee tables. Sell unused table. Add wall art. Bring down round coffee table. Maybe? Black & white rug: Finish up fabric strips.

to do list 1

Long Term: Trim piece against kitchen wall, window trim, stair rail. Replace interior trim on double window. Mod baseboards. Caulk/paint floor/baseboards. Move kitchen door? Replacement ladders for blinds. ( Buy material, shorten blinds. (Buy a used blind to learn how.) Blue plaid project. Blanket project.

  • Hall: Replace smoke detector (future). Add corner detail on doors (future), caulk & touch up as needed. Sell the records, replace the cubes with the black table currently in living room.
  • Kitchen: Make plan without the Hoosiers and dismantle too-large counter. Install shelves where window used to be. Sell Hoosiers. (First one up for sale 12/10) Remove crates from counter. 1 of 3 removed 1/11/17 Finish new window/shelf. Final paint on sidelight, new shelf. Find new homes for the pieces stored in the crates  — sell/donate or discard.
  • Dining: Remove crib rail? Candlebra? Reuse the hanging baskets and/or rail elsewhere. Rehang cabinet. Paint drawer units? Paint china cabinet.
  • Laundry: (longterm) Get switch thing set up. Storage bins.
  • Attic:Decide what to sell. Get bookcases upstairs and bays built.
  • Office 1:Clear/clean counter & take it upstairs. Remove everything from bookcases move them.  Get sewing machine legs detached from base. Recycle, reuse, or dump. Put dresser in office. Stack on top of it (same size, and small) the 2nd dresser, currently in the storage. Red rug?
  • Entry: Caulk and trim paint, as needed.
  • Pantry: Add trim and final paint.

Cull/Clean (general): Take old window bits to dump or store elsewhere. Put window trim in woodshed. Take stuff for sale to antique store or to storage so that it isn’t cluttering up the living room! Clothes & cloth need a serious culling! Started 12/15.

  • Bathroom: Clean corners, window. Caulk as needed. Repaint room. Match trim to the rest of the house. If new gallon is enamel paint and not flat, paint bathroom? Replace floor and sink and required wall upgrade.
  • Bedroom: (Cull/Clean) Get tapestry on stretchers. Quilt rehab. New: Start making pattern to reupholster chair.
  • Attic: Get the remaining  base cabinet from kitchen, after fridge rehab. Move the bookcases. Build bays.

Storage: Remove the 2nd Hoosier. (Base is in my  car, top piece also needs to be moved from the storage.) Move to smaller unit. Get the 2nd dresser home and bookcase donated/sold.

Get the windows done. SR door panel 27.5 x 64,

Get the online and computer files cleaned out. (Drafts here = 40 11/30 43 10/11, “Tally” page information (tab, this blog) moved to history 9/17.) Unsubscribed from 5 mailing lists. 11/30.

Wood stacking: 1 2 3 4


  • Memoir retype effort: 62.5% complete (I’m amused that I seem to do this in 3% chunks. I’m not counting or anything, it’s just that the sections are short, and it’s difficult emotionally, especially the first 3rd, so I’ve been doing it until I felt like quitting, then I let myself stop.)
  • 3 stories into novel:  Worked a little on one of the stories, call it 07% 9/20
  • kitchen book: nothing new
  • possible future editing jobs: no good news


  • All-In-One Organizer: clean up & print
  • Make stickers/stamps
  • Books out, boxes?
  • Canister labels designed. Most supplies procured. Still to do: print labels and use! Various technical issues which need to be resolved:
    • My wordprocessor doesn’t have the right label template.
    • Avery doesn’t let you do a merge for their online template designer, etc.
    • Order the correct magnets. Make tutorial.
    • The simple answer would be to cover the labels with scrapbooking or other paper and print some clear labels to go over them. I may do that, or may not. My last step was always going to be putting clear shelf liner over the label to make it waterproof.

Most of the label issues have been resolved, mostly. Still a wrinkle or two before I make a tutorial!


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