Horizontal Surfaces Are It!

I had concluded a few things about cleaning my home:

  1. There are two kinds of cleaning: maintenance and heavy cleaning.
  2. If I want to heavily clean the entire structure 2x a year I need a plan AND I need to do the maintenance cleaning too.
  3. If I don’t do both, every week, I’ll never make it.

Previously, I’d made lists which were the heavy duty cleaning for each room. Then I made the maintenance cleaning list. My “maintenance” cleaning had to be 3 items per room or less, 2 preferred.

In EVERY room of the house the 2 items ended up being the horizontal surfaces: table tops, etc. and the floors. They are:

  • Decluttering/straightening horizontal surfaces
  • Maintaining the floor

The extras added for high-use rooms are:

  • Dishes for the kitchen
  • Laundry for the laundry room
  • Glass on the wood stove for the hearth

My realistic expectation is that I can do all these chores once a week, at minimum. When I manage it, the house will be tidier and the floors will be cleaner than they are now.

If knowledge is power, I’m doing great!

Now, *all* I have to do is actually do it, that’s all!

If you don’t get why that might be a problem, see my post from yesterday.

On the other hand. . . because of writing this post, I swept the entry, stairs, hearth, and did more cleaning/culling on the kitchen counter. Took a load to the antique store too.


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