To Do List 10.24.16

Living Room:

  • Caulk/chinking: (as needed) hall only, as needed around pantry door, office 1 door, bath 1 door, closet door.
  • Trim pieces cut, installed:  against trim piece kitchen wall (future). Window trim, door trim (future)
  • Final Paint: trim as needed: office 1, bath 1, closet, front door, hall trim touch up, window 1, window 2. Remove tape, clean up.
  • Cull/clean: get fabric to Jeannie’s for reupholstery. Window replacement on north side.
  • Finish exterior trim: window 1 window 2.
  • (long term) Replace window interior trim and mod other trim to match front door (and get rid of those extra ledges!!!). Replace or modify baseboards for same reason. Sand, paint, and caulk floor, baseboards and window trim. (We think we’ve found what we’ll paint caulk the floor with, next year!)  Move kitchen door? The trim on the two “new” windows  is getting changed. So, in the living room, this will leave only the big window to be done. Hurrah!
  • Look at the room re “roller coaster” idea, Fix?  Move mirrors to interior stair wall? Get DH involved with this.

Paint (final):Trim needs to be painted with the “enamel” paint we bought for that purpose: front door, stair rail, hallway door trim.

Furniture is being replaced without a plan. Stairstep bookcase got dismantled. New box bookcase erected. Two boxes left, use where? Take adding machine to antique store for sale. Move typewriter/stand to its new home (wherever that is). Set up piece with windows to its new home as well. After couch is moved, decide about coffee tables. Sell table not being used. Use small side table. Add photos/wall art. Set up the 2 1 small and 1 large flat strap bookcases.

Replace remaining hall switch, stair switch, and other socket covers, as needed.

Get the flooring material put away or used 3 2 Got it staged to the edge of the living room “island” of stuff so that it can be moved up the stairs at some point, soon I hope!

to do list 1

Replace exterior and interior window trim. Take old window bits to dump. 10 pieces gone 10/23 , 2 more 10/27,

(future): Replacement ladders for blinds. ( Buy material, shorten the blinds. (Buy a miniblind at some thrift shop to play with to learn how to do this before buying ladders.)

Put the furniture which is staying back. Bring down the couch and the round coffee table and set it up. Maybe? Bring in Daddy’s rug  — or get rid of it? Put the table between the chairs. Figure out couch/couch table idea. Use cubes. Take stuff for sale either to antique store or to storage so that it’s no longer cluttering up the living room! Figure out rugs.

Entry: Replace coat rack, shelf and 2nd small black bookcase. Replace stair rail. Polish ends and replace.

Hall: Replace smoke detector (future). Add corner detail on doors (future).

Pantry: Get 1 piece remaining of trim primed, paint walls add trim and paint.Replace door.

Kitchen: (Cull/clean) (long term) Make kitchen plan using both Hoosiers and dismantling 30 square foot counter.  If that isn’t feasible, sell one. Finish new window bits. Finish the sink window trim. Final paint the sidelight going up in the wall.Take down crib rail? Reuse the hanging baskets and/or rail elsewhere?

Build new wall/shelf unit in kitchen “hole” created by the window removal. Make a small shelf or other way to hang or lean the zinc windows on the kitchen side of the new kitchen window. New wall trimmed out. Painted. Zinc windows in place.

Laundry: (Cull/clean)  (longterm) Get the switch thing set up so you don’t have to pull the dryer out anymore!

Bathroom: (Cull/Clean) corners, window,  clear out. Replace caulk as needed. Repaint room. Replace trim to match the living room and rest of the house. If gallon is the enamel paint and not the flat, paint bathroom?

Bedroom: (Cull/Clean) get couch downstairs. When reupholstered chair returns, put it here, not living room. Get tapestry on stretchers. Quilt rehab.

Attic: Get the remaining  base cabinet in there (or elsewhere). Get the bookcases from office 1 into the attic. Get doors on the cabinet. Decide what to sell: wrought iron tables, wallpaper lamp, other hanging lamps, plate rack, etc. and sell them. More work on the attic: 10/4, 10/20 (did work on it in between 10/4-10/20, but forgot to note it) books & trash removed. Some odds & ends were put away. The cross-country skis were pulled to go to the booth or dump. Get hobby piece out of there for the person who wants it.

Office 1: Clear/clean the counter. (long term) Take it back upstairs. Remove everything from the bookcases and get the cases moved into the attic.  Bring in the dresser currently in the wood shed. Stack on top of it (same size, and small) the 2nd dresser, currently in the storage. Get sewing machine legs detached from base. Recycle, reuse, or dump base.

Office 2: Sell/cull items awaiting that. (long term) Move the office function downstairs.

Dining Room:  Take down candlabra, sell. Paint china cabinet and relocate the 2 Hoosiers.

Storage: Remove the 2nd Hoosier for the kitchen.Get at least 5 boxes out and deal with the stuff in them. Move to 10 x 20 unit. Get the 2nd dresser to the house

Garden: Continue, finish and keep up the weeding, so that the weeds don’t take over the yard and next year’s vegetable garden is a disaster accordingly! 9/11 was last time this was noted, but I’ve worked on it sporatically since.

Get the windows done. SR door panel 27.5 x 64,

Get the online and computer files cleaned out. (Drafts here = 44 9/11 43 10/11 “Tally” page information (tab, this blog) moved to history 9/17.

Wood stacking: 1 2 3 4

Rugs: Almost nothing done — removed completed piece from prototype as I found all the yarn and measured how much I have — no enough to finish the piece as it had been set up. The canvas is prepped, but that’s it at the moment. Found an error I’d made when I’d originally set up the canvas, am working on fixing that. Started work on the black and white rug. Testing materials, concept.determined how I’ll continue. The rug’s materials were bought (except the thread) years ago to be used in a fabric covered rope rug, which didn’t work. Being me, the materials were never discarded. Now? I’m determined to use them, in a new rug. New idea, seems to work. Concept has been proven! The “yarn” I used was jute bead stringing thread, insanely expensive. However, the method has been found, and the look is something I like. Working on a way to neaten the piece, the book I have which discusses a similar idea isn’t making a round rug, but rectangular, different starting point, in many ways much easier. Making a crocheted rug, with the macrame cord as a strengthener. Use the strips I prepped, prepped and used: 2 more. Buy more cordage. Iron more strips so you can finish the rug.

Blue plaid rug, only concept has been considered. No actual design or work has been done. If I use the same method as the other rug, I have a LOT of string I can use. Cones of it! Hmm….


  • Memoir retype effort: 62.5% complete (I’m amused that I seem to do this in 3% chunks. I’m not counting or anything, it’s just that the sections are short, and it’s difficult emotionally, especially the first 3rd, so I’ve been doing it until I felt like quitting, then I let myself stop.)
  • 3 stories into novel:  Worked a little on one of the stories, call it 07% 9/20
  • kitchen book: nothing new
  • possible future editing jobs: no good news


Other Organization:

  • All-In-One Organizer: monthly calendar page master design, clean up, print
  • Binder ordered Will be available Mon. afternoon.
  • Order other pieces.
  • Stamp images put together and then label or page made.
  • Books out: 3 4 7 1 more to a neighbor. 10 donated.
  • Canister labels designed. Most supplies procured. Still to do: print labels and use! There are various technical issues which need to be resolved:
    • My wordprocessor doesn’t have the right label template.
    • Avery doesn’t let you do a merge for their online template designer, etc.
    • The magnets I ordered are too big. They’ll be used on the fridge, but I need to order the right ones.
    • The simple answer would be to cover the labels with scrapbooking or other paper and print some clear labels to go over them. I may do that, or may not. My last step was always going to be putting clear shelf liner over the label to make it waterproof.

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