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I read decorating blogs and other such a fair amount these days. I’ve never really understood how the very rich can relax in their homes when everything is worth so much. I grew up in a well-to-do neighborhood and saw this type of decorating a good deal. Always made me feel as if I should be wearing a velvet dress, maryjanes, and white fold-over socks. Still does. Classic? Yeah, okay, but it’s almost all the same, it’s display for the sake of showing off the art, rich fabrics, and enormous or richly detailed rooms.

So, my style is a bit different. Shabby because I don’t want to worry about whether or not something gets scuffed. I’m not interested in quantities of roses or other frou-frou, not interested in spending a lot of money for matchy-matchy stuff. I have things I love, yes indeed I do, and some of them  cannot be replaced, they’re artist pieces or have special history for me.

I’m equally not interested in having,the newest “whatever.” I look at websites and think the stuff is nice, but I have no temptation to spend $100 on a lamp in most cases or $200  on something else. If I really like the looks of something, I keep my eye out for an alternative, a cheaper one, another at a future date, or I’ll give it up.

There are things which are just so expensive I wonder who can afford to buy this stuff? Lamps, sheet sets, and rugs are the first things which come to mind, almost all > $100 these days. My reaction to most of this is that I buy used lamps, mostly white sheets (used when I can find them) and make my own rugs. Alternately, I’d buy ONE 100% linen sheet, if I ever found one on sale when I could afford it (hasn’t happened yet!) Linen, when cared for correctly, can last for years. Cotton just dissolves in modern washers.

So I’m a rebel and a luddite. Or maybe I’m just cheap? No. I refuse to spend money to impress others. I like what I like and price is always a consideration. I’m not willing to spend major money on stuff to keep up or participate in a trend, although I might in specific areas, like buying expensive paint from England because it doesn’t make me sick. I suppose this is a direct response to all the years I tried so hard to be in style. It never worked and I’ve long since given up the idea. Now I’m an old lady and I can do as I please — and I am!

4 responses to “My Style

  1. My father was the exact opposite. No matter what it was, it was too expensive and we could make do with something cheaper. I was much older before I learned that I didn’t HAVE to choose the cheapest!

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    • My dad, like our neighbors, bought expensive things, some of which I still have. On the other hand, some of it just couldn’t be replaced if it was used roughly. I have no kick about spending real $ for things when there’s a reason, like the paint.

      If I could find one, I might buy a wool-stuffed mattress, as they used to be made so that you could pass them down, except for cleaning, new covers and replacing mashed fibers about once every 20 years, a wool mattress is meant to last multiple generations, a century or so. THAT I’d spend $ for and a lot of it.

      I guess for me the decision whether to spend money or not is based on health (the paint) or overall longevity of the item.

      I have chairs my dad desperately wanted and were too expensive, he finally bought them when the shop put them on sale. They had a wear point, metal on metal hooks which hinged the back (they’re leather director type chairs) and he bought 2 extra sets of the brackets when he bought the chairs. All 3 sets have worn through now. I have the pieces of these really expensive and comfortable leather chairs in our attic. If I could figure out a way to resurrect them, I would. Maybe 3D printing? Dunno. Dad foresaw the problem, and tried to prepare for it, but they were on their 2nd set when I got them, about 30 years ago, and there are no more new brackets now, so the chairs are “dead.” It didn’t matter that he got them for less, he spent the $ on those extra brackets. And they were good for 40 years, unfortunately for me, about 2/3 of that time they were in my childhood home, not mine.

      I have other chairs we got from DH’s family, they match the antique dining room table we’d bought as one of our first real furniture purchases. (The table is currently for sale at the antique store.) They came with the joints/rails having some issues. They’re in the attic too. The joints/rails got fixed and then rebelled at the change from the South to New England and became loose again. We stopped using the table and the chairs were put in the attic. If the table doesn’t sell, my current plan is to rent a SUV or van at some point and haul the table AND the chairs out to my SIL. Hopefully, not in the midst of winter! If the table sells, I’ll give the chairs back to the folks in DH’s family to decide who gets them next. If they hadn’t been an heirloom I was given because they matched what we had, I would have offered them for sale with the table, but they are what they are.

  2. I’m sort of middle of road but then it depends on what I’m buying.

  3. D, I just reread what I and others wrote here. What determines what you will or won’t spend $ on? There’s an entire set of posts, a thread, of me discussing what my style is/isn’t, as that has been an issue of mine for some time.

    I learn when I write posts like this, which is why I’ll beat a drum until I think I’ve found an answer. Thanks for the comment btw.

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