Weird Space

The guy who built this house was a moron. Or, to be more fair, he may not be, but he had absolutely no sense of space or traffic flow. This place is all full of things like closets and cabinets that you can’t open because it gets in the way of the door, counters which are so big they’re an impediment rather than helpful, etc. It mostly sort of works, but doesn’t quite.

I’ve been reading decorating “tips” and “hints,” trying to find a solution to how to arrange furniture in a badly cut up room. The traffic flow, whether it’s cluttered or not, is basically one small walkway. Not because it should be that way, but because the walls and doors are placed so that’s just the way it works. You walk in the door, take 2 steps, go up the stairs (it’s rather like being confronted with a mountain) or make a 90 degree right turn into the living room and make another 90 degree step to the left to get into the room rather than inch along the front wall.

If we had unlimited money, I’d hire our friend who builds post & beam houses to fix the stairway problem. The idea I have in mind would create a landing for the stairs and turn it 90 degrees into the living room. This would also create an entry, a real one. But it requires a structural change involving the roof support — NOT cheap! In the meantime, I’m stuck with it.

Another alternate solution I came up with was to move the door. Well, that would have been a possibility up until DH found a fancy floor sample, cheap, and then spent a month building a jamb for that door, as the display the door came from didn’t have the jamb of course. So, moving the door? That’s not going to happen soon either, unless we get a lot of money, somewhere.

The long and short of this is that I’m stuck with this weirdly cut up room, it’s an elongated rectangle, with a weird entry  and exit with a huge chunk out of the middle of it for the woodstove and hearth. Then add actual living room furniture, a couch, table and chairs, a cabinet, not to mention the Dh’s hobby stuff and my bookcases? Right.

I suppose one answer is to embrace the hearth. Put the couch facing the hearth, with coffee table and chairs flanking. If we moved the bookcases under the wall where the couch was going and swapped the cabinet that’s now in the corner. . . Hmm. Make it one big room? You’d have to walk around the couch to get into the hallway and kitchen, but that might work, maybe. And because the bookcases are actually crates, I could stack them in front of the window, and. . .?


(Floor plan from google images, it’s not ours!)

I keep thinking the long-term answer to this is to make the flat file our bed. We keep talking about it. The piece is huge 6′ wide and 4′ deep I think. It’s two units one atop the other. If we make it into a platform bed, we’d still have the storage, but we’d make better use of the space and oh yes, reclaim a 24 square foot piece of the living room.

I don’t know the answer. I’ll keep whacking away at it. There may not be one, or the answer may be to get smaller furniture or less of it. I’m already selling furniture off, selling what I thought we’d use in the living room wasn’t in my plans, but we’ll see!

I’ve got a lot of decluttering to do yet, the hall and trim painting needs to be finished, and a few other details have to happen before this is decided, but . . . .


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