We Got Our Second

gallon of paint today! We might have had enough, but it was going to be really tight, so we ordered another gallon. DH has a reason to be in the same town as the only dealer selling this paint in our state. We bought the last gallon of this color/finish they had a month ago or so. We called, twice, to see if they would have it in stock when he went next week. They couldn’t be bothered to talk to me when I called or call back when I left a message the next day. So much for them.

Their FB page says they “treat their customers like family.” Yes, I had a family like that. I got rid of them. They could have, if nothing else, asked for my email and said we’ll send you a note after hours. Would have taken about 4 minutes. Or asked me if I was on FB and said “Send us a note there, okay?”

We ordered the new paint from the manufacturer, overseas. Between mileage and wear and tear on the car, not to mention the 2 hour drive time each way, we figure the $20 extra it cost us we saved in time, wear on the car, and gas — so it’s probably a break-even proposition.

My only regret is that I gave them a 5 star rating on FB when we first bought the paint. I tried and FB won’t let me delete it. However, I intend to put up a 2nd rating. I’m going to wait until I’m not quite so mad. I get that you have to deal with the customer in front of you — I did retail for 30 years! I get that there’s a point where it isn’t worth your time to deal with a  small order, or so it appears at the time. However, not everyone is a big-ticket customer and small customers in sufficient quantity can be better than a few really big ones. You lose one of the big ones and you’re in deep trouble. You lose one small customer? It’s probably not so bad.

I had been talking these people up to anyone and everyone. And I’ll continue to talk about them, but not the same way. There’s a few really true things said about retail: location is everything, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers, and a happy customer usually tells 3 people, an unhappy one tells 10.

You’re my 10, or more. . . .



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