Dear Pollsters:

  1. Yes I am registered to vote.
  2. Nothing you say, no matter how you load your wording, is likely to change my vote. (I’m a writer/editor, I play with words for effect too!)
  3. I will NOT watch the debate tonight. Why? I don’t have a TV.
  4. You do not know what 2 minutes is, or 4, for that matter. You really ought to buy a stopwatch, or use that function in your cell phone.
  5. I will vote, if I have to do it from my death bed.



2 responses to “Dear Pollsters:

  1. Aren’t they annoying? We own a TV (regrettably) but won’t have the debate on. I’ve started monitoring my incoming telephone calls and unless I know the number I’ve stopped answering. It’ll stay that way for the next 6 weeks as I’ve neither the time nor patience for their drivel.

  2. The other point is that I don’t need to watch the debate. I’m sure I’ll get soundbites til I’m sick of them. Why waste my time? It won’t change my vote and I really don’t care what they said. This time at least I have no ambiguity about who I’m voting for — or why.

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