I Wish…

  • I had heart-warming stories to tell about my family, or
  • Warm, funny, ironic stories about the holidays, or
  • Charming things I’d made, for sale, or just owned.

I don’t have any of that, well maybe the last one. I have some wonderful things I’ve bought.

I don’t know how to do emotions in words. It has just occurred to me that the reason I’m afraid, yes afraid, of writing the middle of any story now is the “rising action,” that is, the emotional start of the tension that makes the plot and thereby a story.

I know all too well how to express my own, but my life has also taught me that I don’t do emotion from the same perspective others do. I read Nora Roberts or other romance authors and frequently my reaction to the complications which heap upon the hero is to think  –“Run!” And, of course the characters don’t. Partly because if they do, there will be no story. But partly because that isn’t really an option people, most people, entertain and also partly because “regular” people just don’t get overwhelmed as quickly as I do.

More, also, there’s the thing about if I put *my* emotions in it? My default/brainwashed brain says: “No one will read it!”

Goodie. Another wall to break down — just what I wanted!





2 responses to “I Wish…

  1. Excuse me, that’s not quite true. You told me a very funny story about a man taking your dad to a “fancy restaurant” to impress him, and discovering the staff all knew your dad by name. You told me a howler about a household-name scientist who terrified the labs because he was Dr. BreakItAll. You have some great little vignettes there. You just haven’t really thought about your life like that! – Linda K.

    Linda Tiernan Kepner http://www.lindatkepner.com

  2. I guess you’re right. I don’t think of them as heart-warming. Funny? Yes, but heart-warming? No. Hmm. As usual, you’ve made me think. Thanks m’friend!

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