3 More Rules: Practical, not Pretty M’Dear

These are more decorating and other “rules” that I’ve come to:

  • Do NOT buy an inset bed, that is a bed which sits down in the frame. It looks great, but. . . underbed storage is limited or inaccessible, it’s hard to get the bottom sheet on, and it can be harder to get into or out of. It looks great, but is not so great in practice.


The bed shown is the old Malm bed from Ikea. Ikea doesn’t sell them like this anymore — no surprise!

  • Do not buy white/beige flooring or carpeting. This one is pretty obvious, except. . . I really, really love the way a large expanse of white flooring looks. I learned this the hard way. If/when I buy carpeting the next time, it will be mottled, not a solid color, and as close to “mud” colored as I can get and still both match my decorating AND be something I don’t hate!
  • Make dirt/mud catchers. This is another learned lesson. The door mats in our home are all hard, raised rubber. We have a dirt driveway. Dirt gets tracked in — it needs somewhere to go. If you don’t trap it, it goes all over the house. So, I have a raised rubber mat, a “fatigue” mat outside our front door. I have a piece of it just as you get to the wall to wall carpeting too. In another month, or less, I’ll have pieces in front of any major walkways in or out of the house. I don’t need to be as diligent in spring/summer/fall (except off the dirt driveway) as I do in winter. Almost always, winter entry means MUD instead of just dirt.

I don’t want a traditional doormat, because it traps the dirt inside of it — and then that needs to be cleaned out! The fatigue mats have holes in them, the dirt falls through. Clean it up and you’re done. If the mat gets muddy, hose it off, clean it off, but no beating or vac required. Is it pretty? No. But like the bed, I’ve gotten to where pretty isn’t my first concern — less work or easier work is.

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