Attack of the Blue Stickies

Last night we did a few things: talked about the window replacement effort. What has to happen to pull the living room together. Heating season is coming and the wood stove is in the middle of the living room. We also went through the living room, one wall surface at a time and identified what still needed to be done, before painting. On the one hand, this made the room look like it had been attacked by a blue-sticky wielding monster, but on the other, it gave us a concise game plan, wall by wall. Each wall or area got its own blue sticky with a short list of what had to be done to it, before painting can occur.


DH this morning has eliminated the need for 3 of those stickies. They’ve been put on the back of the door (not being painted). We both have things we want to do this morning, but after that, we’ll see if we can’t eliminate most, if not all of the rest. Then tomorrow? We start painting.


Two walls DH worked on this morning are those we identified which need to be done, first, because as soon they’re painted, the sooner I can start pulling the bookcases and books from the middle of the kitchen and living room where they’re currently stashed. This is crucial, as the items in the kitchen are in the way of the replacement windows. The window replacement is also something we really want done, before the end of this month.

No stickies for that effort — yet.

This is going to get done, partly because, yes, it has to, or we’ll freeze. But partly just because it WILL get finished. In an effort to eliminate unnecessary steps, we didn’t make stickies for the hallway. The hall walls are tiny, go around 4 doors, and need to be fussed with . The amount of paint required is minimal, but it will take a lot of  time, as it requires cutting in here, there, and everywhere. Right now our emphasis is the main room, get the replacement windows in, and the wood stove back together.

So, the attack of the blue stickies is a good thing — as long as it’s short-lived!




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