I’m addicted to the Great British Bake Off. I admit it.  Well, we are. This means we’re more critical when we bake bread and that we talk about baking more. But pretty much that’s it.

On the other hand I now have a host of new cookbook writers to look at, and every now and then I have a surprise — today I found out that “American -Style” pancakes have bacon in them. Funny, I’ve NEVER eaten them that way, but it sounds interesting.

And yes, my addiction is why I tried that carrot cake which for me at least is a way to take out my palette for 12 hours.

I need to stick to watching food stuff and not making (or eating) it! We went out yesterday. It was hot & sticky and we got shakes for dinner. DH was busy talking to people and I got bored. Went to a favorite natural market and bought a square of chicken enchilada casserole: not a lot of tomatoes, and not spicy.

Long and short of it was that my gut kept me up and down until about 4:20 this morning. We’re not sure if it’s the icecream in my shake (different than DH’s) , the enchilada square, or something else?

It was a memorable night — not in a good way. I was in so much pain we thought for a while I might have appendictus. At midnight we were talking about which walk in clinic or hospital might be the best choice.

I’ve had a “twitchy” tummy since I was 16. Hormones, emotional trauma dramas and the PTSD all combined into a perfect storm of stomach acid. Since, it comes and goes. Lately, it has mostly gone.

I wish it had stayed away!


2 responses to “Addict

  1. Hope you’re feeling better today. Agree that GBBO isn’t the best viewing when you’re trying not to eat cake and sweet things 😉

  2. I felt much better night before last, otherwise I would have wound up at a hospital or emergency clinic. Gut pain so severe it makes you cry isn’t fun!

    Ate very bland food yesterday and not much of it. (My lunch was jasmine rice with a carrot finely grated in, a bit of butter salt & pepper — for example.)

    I’m okay during “bread week” but biscuits and cake weeks are harder!

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