Carrot Cake Disaster — Working Hypothesis

I’ve had various bits of the cake the last 2 days. Every time I do, for a long while afterwards, everything tastes purely awful.

I had some this morning and my coffee tastes burnt. Asked DH if the batch of coffee tasted burnt to him? Puzzled look — “No.”

So it’s me, it’s this stupid cake, again.

We have 2 layers, now crumbled up from having been split in 1/2 to eat up. I may put part of it in the freezer, I’d like to taste something  decent before next week.

Yesterday in attempt to “clean” my palette, I ate an orange, couldn’t taste it. Added demerra sugar, could barely taste the sugar. My dinner was a few slices of bread, a tomato (which tasted past it) vinegar I know I love (and couldn’t taste), olive oil, salt & pepper — tomato salad, one of my favorite things. Could barely taste it. Even the toothpaste tasted off last night.

So it’s me and this cake.

Great. Now I have to figure out what it is in the cake that takes out my palette.

What I needed — a new quest!

(I tossed all my powdered sugar of course. Now I need more, sigh.)




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