Home Truths & Musings

These are my “rules” that is, they’re the things I’ve found that make so much sense I’m using them to make decorating, purchasing, or other decisions and choices.

  • Flat towel racks hold towels better than rounder ones, but towels need to be folded to look tidy.flat towel rack
  • Hooks don’t require folding towels, but the towels might not stay up very well either. towel hook
  • Towel rings are probably the best compromise.towel ring 2
  • Colors go out of style less often than patterns, so use more solids than patterns.solid color fabric
  • “Classics” whatever they are, are classic because they don’t go out of style. This includes basic geometric patterns: dots, stripes, plaids, etc.
  • Black and white is probably the absolute classic color combo, use it!

black and white deor

Which is all well and good, but most of the images of black and white decor, even the one above, I find too stark and cold! I want more color in there and more softness. I think I’d leave the couch alone, but use a thick cushy rug, a salt & pepper combo perhaps? I’d want more color on the walls and side table too. I’d want a warmer white paint.

I guess I’ll never be a successful decorator? My taste is just too cluttered, too many colors, too soft? I went through many images to find the one above; the others weren’t even close.

I like jewel tones, love the depth.

But I also like what I call “dinner mint” colors. I like industrial, retail, farmhouse, modern, classic and deco. I’m not that fond of shabby chic or boho, but like elements of both.

[Previously, I would have said I had eclectic taste. It’s totally over used, and has gone from an interesting description to way beyond trite — it’s an unthinking label for clutter and lazy writing. So don’t tell me I’ve got eclectic taste, please!!!]

I like simple lines.

The problem is that knowing all this doesn’t really help me design the house.

  • It has gotten me away from buying paint of whatever color to buying shades of white.
  • It has caused me to buy less patterned material for house projects.
  • It means that the repro luggage rack we’d been using in the entry was moved to the bathroom as a towel rack.
  • It means that the new shower “curtains” are just two shower curtain liners, one each solid black and solid white.

I kept making/finding things with peacock blue in them. Apparently, I really really like the color. I surrendered to that. Peacock blue is a hot color for boho. Finding an image of black and white anything with something peacock blue even close to something I’d put in my home wasn’t easy. This is as close as I got, and it isn’t! The stripes are too bold. Put black and white tweed on the big pillows and make the smaller pillows black and white and peacock pinstripes, and it would be a lot closer, but . . . .

black & white and peacock

I don’t know if others go through this type of editing/worry/? or not. The idea of “designing” my space to suit me is brand new. For decades, my space has been a dumping ground. Editing the stuff, culling or finding, so that I can have a warm home with quirky touches is fun!


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