We Bought Paint!

What we did yesterday? A few things. We moved the now unplugged big fridge over to the space cleared the day before for this purpose. Before we went anywhere I used the hole this created as a chance to clean the wall and floor.

Then we went off and bought paint. The only store which sells the paint we’re using is 1+ hours away. There’s a Habitat Restore in the same town and we always  go there and to DH’s fave woodworkers shop too. Did all that, came home.

DH moved one of the corner base cabinets (we got it from a neighbor, you can read about it (here) which had been sitting on our lawn and put the small fridge atop it. We then took all the food from the coolers, tossed whatever ruined food, and packed the fridge. The little fridge is approx. 1/3 the size of the big one. However, it works, we already own it, and it saved us from delaying the paint purchase,  more wood, the roof  next month, and perhaps our septic being pumped.  The paint, wood and roof really aren’t negotiable. The septic might be, but we’re pushing it, and that might not be smart.

So the plan is to work on pulling the flat file, graphics table and stand away from the kitchen wall of the living room, so I can wash it down and we can tape and spackle it. I’m busy with other things on Monday, so no painting, or very little. It would be lovely to move the furniture, clean/spackle and primer the wall tomorrow but that’s just not realistic. On the other hand, this is FINALLY the last piece of wall which needs to be cleaned/spackled or patched in the “living room” —finally!

Today? It’s Sunday, which means DH’s pancakes for breakfast. After that? Working on the living room painting project, of course! Happy Sunday all!!!


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