Oh Joy – be grateful, be grateful, be. . .

The doc thinks I have osteoarthritis in my hand. No real “cure.” I can manage it with hot and cold and if I don’t, it will continue to get worse. Great.

The other “great” thing today? Our fridge may be dead. Yes, that fridge, the one that replaced the one that died after 6 weeks, the one where they sent my part to Alaska, the one which took us SIX MONTHS to get Kitchen Aid to replace. This is the replacement, sigh.

If you don’t know the fridge saga, it starts (here) and continues (here)  and (here) and (here) and (here) . It was resolved at some future date. For about 4 years. Let’s see the fridge was approx $2000, so that means we spent about $500 a year for its use. At that price, we can buy a new small one every year, and save about $200 annually!

I’ve been advocating a California closet for some time. DH had a similar idea years ago. The California closet I refer to isn’t the closet organization company, but a cool closet, cooled with air from the ground, through the closet  and then expelled thru a whisper cool or vent in the roof. It’s almost a root cellar. If we got one of those, it would never break, or at least it wouldn’t break because the computer went wonky or something fancy went haywire. And then we could buy a smaller fridge every year or whatever, as need be, because the large capital investment would be unnecessary. (Especially since we now have additional freezer space!)

My introduction to the idea came from David Goldbeck’s book, Smart Kitchen, around 1990, when the book was new. I have wanted one ever since.

The never-ending fridge saga continues!


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