Gloomy, Rainy Day

Bad day for painting.

The house is such a mess I’m not sure I want to paint today.

My helper is coming today and I have NO idea what we’ll do.

Been looking at bullet journal ideas on pinterest, worked on the memoir retype and I’ve had about 50% of my coffee ration for the day.

to do list

There are all sorts of things I SHOULD do: more on the memoir (working on chapter 6), more on either of the two stories which aren’t finished. Clean something . . . yet here I sit, tap-tap-tap.

  • On the day’s list: have lunch w/ a friend.
  • Get the car loaded maybe with another batch o’ books, etc. for the storage? (Unload car at storage.)
  • Get more freezer containers at the hardware store. (Finish chopping/freezing the leeks.)
  • Remove books from bookcase so that the wall can be cleaned, spackled and then primed. (Reseal knot holes which need it after wood filler was added. Paint door trim, as needed. Remove closet door, etc. etc.)
  • Clean the kitchen, really clean it, don’t just do the dishes.
  • Fold/put away laundry, again.

Any or all of the above is more productive than my sitting here going tap-tap-tap!



2 responses to “Gloomy, Rainy Day

  1. I wonder if there is a force out there today sucking all the motivation out of us. Lol. I’m not wanting to do anything either.

  2. I finally got some things done: processed the corn: blanched it, made corn cob broth, set aside 2 ears for dinner. My helper and I removed the books and bookcase from the bookcase wall, so it can be cleaned and spackled.

    My hand and wrist are bothering me, so of course I tripped on the stairs and landed, with my weight on my outstretched arms — hurt! Have appt with doc tomorrow a.m. Can’t open jars, aches to type, etc. Oh Joy! Of course it’s my “good/dominant” arm — of course.

    We’ll see what tomorrow’s adventure brings. I have a lump on the back of my hand. An xray or scan of some type I’d guess is what they’ll do? With luck, they can inject with a magic fluid and it will GO away. At worst, it’s something awful. I’m not letting myself go there!

    I’d keep my fingers crossed, but that hurts a little too!


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