Today is

Farm day, if I don’t go later in the week.

We have talked about the imperfections I couldn’t fix in the beams and wallboard. The wallboard we can probably fix, but the beams are harder as they’re 10 x 10 or so pieces of milled wood. Cats over the years have used them for scratching posts, and put grooves in them. Wood filler shows. The answer is to fill the posts with tinted filler, then stain the posts. None of that was on our radar!

Every time I turn around there’s more to do, instead of less. I keep working on the room and more things which need to be done make themselves apparent. Like eating peanuts, or something?

The pantry/office wall is one of the smallest walls in the house. It’s only the frame around the doors. Of course, this means there’s very little surface to clean/spackle and put primer on. This also means that you can’t use a roller, the power sander, etc., no room. It will either be really, really quick, or it will take me the entire day — we’ll see!

I have two door frames to add primer to. I primered over the knot sealer on the pantry and office door frames yesterday, the same day I knot sealed them as an experiment, to see if the knot sealing “took” even if primer was put on top of it the same day. If not, it isn’t so much that I can’t easily redo it. If so, it cut down the time required, though I only have 2 door frames yet to do. . . .

I need to do laundry and dishes this morning, they’ve been neglected for painting, etc.

It’s about 9 in the morning. I wonder if I can get that wall cleaned/patched/primered by noon? Yes! 11:50 am



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