Moving On . . .

I have a short “to do” list on the wall of the living room. It reads:

  1. Remove stuff from corner of kitchen.
  2. Unfold the rug.
  3. Fill the kitchen corner with boxes and furniture from the living room.
  4. Prep and primer the other living room walls.
  5. Paint the living room.

Yes, we’re in the midst of doing item 3. We’re doing step 4 now 8/7/16. To get to the wallboard walls, I have a stack of bookcase boxes, a 6′ wide flat file and a graphics table to move into the center of the room. The flat file and the graphics table are LARGE pieces of furniture. The bookcase boxes aren’t, but they’re (no surprise!) full of books. We’d just shoved everything into the middle of the room for prepping the log walls, except for the stuff we stuffed against the wallboard walls and on the furniture there. Soooo, that all has to change. The misc. boxes and loose stuff are almost entirely out of the middle of the room.

Still to do is box up the remaining loose stuff on those large pieces of furniture and atop the bookcases. Move furniture to the middle of the room. Prep/primer/sand as needed wall board walls. Paint the entire room. (Includes a hallway, part of the stairs and the entry — thank you “open concept”or post and beam house!) Then put everything back to rights. Should take me another 2 weeks at a guess — or maybe less. I’m getting real tired of feeling like a “house slave” — I want to enjoy the house, not just work on it!

I’d fogotten about this post, some of this, aside from the rug, has been in the works for some time! Link: (here)

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